Should all homeschoolers be punished for the tragedy in California?
Abusing Tragedies

Homeschooling Wrongly Implicated
in California Child Torture Case

A horrific story from California regarding an abusive family who was allegedly homeschooling has burst onto the national scene. The family had 13 children ranging in age from two to 29. Yes, I said 29! According to the reports, the children are small and malnourished, and the seven adult children appeared to be much younger than their actual ages of 18-29.

A 17-year-old teen escaped the home and used a cell phone to call police, showed them pictures from the home and pleaded for help to rescue her siblings, some of whom were being chained to beds. The teen is being credited with saving her siblings.

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We have been working for months to research the best candidates so that we could provide you with the best possible voter guide for the March 6, 2018 Primary Election. We set up committees composed of homeschool leaders in communities around the state who could interview candidates to see who would best represent Texas families. Be sure to take a look at the list!

Early Voting: February 20, 2018 - March 2, 2018
Election Day: March 6, 2018
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2019 THSC Watchmen Applications Are Open

Are you a homeschool graduate looking for a way to learn practical skills in a healthy work environment through a meaningful internship or gap year activity?

Here are a few of the victories that the THSC Watchmen helped to bring about in Austin in 2017:

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