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Beijing, June 20th at 6:00 PM: Join members of the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China for a screening of Jian Yi's documentaries What's For Dinner? and Six Years On, followed by a panel discussion with May Mei, head of the WildAid Beijing office, Jian Yi and Brighter Green Associate Wanqing Zhou.

New York City, June 30th at 6:30 PM: Join Alex Lockwood, the author of The Pig In Thin Air, to discuss animals, social media, climate change, writing and the politics of representation.
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What's For Dinner? director Jian Yi has completed a follow-up film where he revisits some of the people and places he documented in 2009, called Six Years On; Brighter Green continues to develop a public and policy-maker outreach program in China via an online information portal and new research generated by Chinese advocates, academics and civll society organizations:
Veg*n Passport Initiative: A unique pass and passport for vegans and vegetarians have been designed primarily for use in Chinese, but also contain text in several languages.
Screening at NYU Shanghai: Brighter Green's partner Jian Yi spoke and facilitated discussion following the screenings of What's For Dinner? and Six Years On in Shanghai.
Climate Reality Leadership Corps: The Climate Reality Project just wrapped up its first climate training event in China with a two-day program in Shenzhen, where several of our colleagues participated.
Brighter Green is pleased to have hosted a series of salons in New York City with international researchers, scholars and advocates, in partnership with Satya magazine and Lantern Books:
Environmental Activism and Social Change in Brazil and China: Myanna Lahsen, a senior researcher at the Brazilian Institute for Space Research, and Zhu Qing, the executive director of Tianjin Green Collar, explained their work in Brazil and China and discussed strategies for collaborating for social change across constituencies and national borders.
On Art and Animals: Valentina Sonzogni, an Italian culture and art historian, and Janell O'Rourke, artist and co-founder of ArtAnimalAffect, discussed the use of animal bodies in art.
The Ethnography of Activism: Naisargi Dave, professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, discussed her work documenting queer and animal rights activism in India.
A View of Animal Advocacy, Rights and the State of Factory Farming: Tozie Zokufa, South Africa–based internationally recognized animal activist, and Mia MacDonald, executive director of Brighter Green, discussed factory farming and animal rights in South and East Africa.
Brighter Green has supported, participated in, and contributed to a number of projects and initiatives in 2016 spanning documentary film, research, and public and policy-maker education:
The Value of Food: Evening of Witness: Brighter Green was a co-host for this event, which brought together some leading thinkers and activists in the sustainable food movement at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.
Global Forest Coalition (GFC) Magazine: Forest Cover No. 49: Mia MacDonald and Wanqing Zhou have featured articles in the March issue, published by our partner GFC, which focused on meat as a driver of deforestation and outcomes of the Paris climate change summit (COP21).
Greenpeace's Food for Life campaign: Mia served as a facilitator at a strategy meeting for the Food for Life program in Italy in January. She led a session on livestock and climate change and shared Brighter Green's research.
Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) 10th Anniversary: Mia was invited to represent the U.S. Board of ANAW at their 10th anniversary celebrations in Nairobi in late May.
Time to Choose documentary: Mia is featured in Academy Award–winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson's latest documentary investigating the causes of, and solutions to, climate change, including animal agriculture. Mia was part of a panel at the premiere of the film in New York City in June. Wanqing Zhou and our colleague Dawn Moncrief of A Well-Fed World hosted Q&A sessions for screenings in Washington D.C.
United States Climate Action Network (USCAN) Conference: Caroline Wimberly just returned from the annual conference of the U.S. branch of CAN, the global climate change network, in Miami, Florida. She shared Brighter Green's work on food and agriculture's role in climate change.
EAT Forum: Camilla Björkbom of Animal Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt) represented Brighter Green at the recent EAT Forum, in Stockholm. The event featured individuals in science, business, politics and civil society working to shift food systems towards greater sustainability, security and equity.
Now in its sixth year, the Initiative in Kenya and Tanzania continues: the young women are making progress in their education and professional training, and also entering the work force:
Ledaiki Ann Nailantei (inset photo) is training as a ranger in an anti-poaching program with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and was recently photographed by award winning photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthurMia also met Ann during a recent trip to Kenya.
Joy Kakenya Barta helped organize a fundraiser to benefit the orphaned children of a woman who was murdered.
Hellen Naipanoi Kipaili participated in the recent Kenya Peace Conference, which trains students to advocate for peace throughout Kenya, and started her internship at the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC).
Sabina Tumeki Siankoi began her summer internship at the Indigenous Information Network (IIN).
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Top row from left to right: Dr. Naisargi Dave and Sangu Iyer discussing the Ethnography of ActivismMyanna Lahsen elaborating on environmental activism and social change in Brazil; Valentina Sonzogni presenting her book, An Art for the Other: The Animal in Philosophy and Art; and Brighter Green Program Associate Caroline Wimberly with Tozie Zokufa, chair of Pan African Animal Welfare Alliance (PAAWA), who was visiting New York from Cape Town, South Africa. 
Second row from left to right: Jian Yi at the NYU Shanghai film screening; Brighter Green's Veg*n PassportClimate Reality Leadership Corps logo; and What's For Dinner? cover photo. 
Third row from left to right (Young Women’s Leadership Initiative): Joy at a fundraiser in support of women's rights; Hellen participating in the Kenya Peace Conference; photograph of Ann in her park ranger uniform taken by Jo-Anne McArthur; and Mia visiting Ann at Nairobi National Park. 
Fourth row from left to right: Josphat Ngonyo, founder and executive director of ANAW, Mia MacDonald, and Tozie Zokufa in Nairobi; Brighter Green Associate Ariela Yomtovian at the Feeding the 5000 anti–food waste event, helping serve 5,000 "reclaimed" vegetarian meals to the public; Professor Johan Rockström and Brighter Green colleague Camille Björkbom at the EAT Forum; and Mia MacDonald on the Time to Choose panel in NYC.
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