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Senate to consider national euthanasia law


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I recently had the pleasure of meeting a number of HOPE supporters in Brisbane at a speaking engagement. I was very grateful for their warm greetings and encouragement. A number wondered what I did for a living; assuming that HOPE was, in fact, something akin to a hobby, I suppose.

No, I work at opposing euthanasia fulltime both in Australia and overseas as Vice Chair of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition International. In 2010, Alex Schadenberg convinced me that there was a need for someone to work on this one issue fulltime. He was right. It’s been a ‘hard-slog’ as they say.

And that’s why your encouragement and financial support is so important. Thank you!

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National Battle looming on Euthanasia
In the immediate wake of the Provincial Parliament of Quebec passing its euthanasia bill recently, Senator Richard Di Natale announced this week that he intends to try to create national laws for euthanasia and assisted suicide through Australia’s Federal Parliament.

The connection between what happened in Quebec and this new move by Senator Di Natale is important to understand, because it provides the argument, although tenuous, for how our Federal Parliament could create nationwide euthanasia legislation when the ability to pass such law is the preserve of the individual states.

It would require both houses of Federal Parliament to be hoodwinked into accepting acts of euthanasia & assisted suicide as ‘dying with dignity medical services’ as Di Natale’s draft bill defines such acts. As a ‘medical service’ Canberra could act because it has principle (though shared) powers to legislate nationally on health matters.

This would inevitably create a conflict between this Commonwealth act and state laws prohibiting euthanasia & assisted suicide, under the various criminal codes.

Di Natale successfully moved that his bill should be referred to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee for an inquiry with a finalization date in October this year. The committee is yet to publish this referral on its website. We’ll let you know as details come to hand.

Di Natale himself admitted that he does not think the numbers exist in the Canberra to see his bill pass. However, though that is no doubt his ultimate aim, he may well have a mid-term goal of seeing the powerful Senate committee define euthanasia & assisted suicide as medical acts which would be a significant step forward for the pro-euthanasia lobby.

We cannot let this happen. As soon as the details are available, we will email you again and provide information about how you can make an effective submission to this inquiry. Submissions need be nothing more than a letter or email, so don’t be put off.

Read our preliminary report HERE.

More broadly in Australia, the issues arising from Dr Syme’s admission that he prescribed Nembutal to a man in Victoria a few years ago has generated a great deal of heat in the Victorian press. Syme and others have used the opportunity to promote their new marketing strategy: That’s right folks! It’s no longer euthanasia and assisted suicide – it’s assisted dying!

Article: Orwell was right: Newspeak and the euthanasia push
It is clear that Syme and others want euthanasia to register as an election issue in Victoria in November.


In Canada, as mentioned above, the Quebec Parliament passed a euthanasia law recently. The law does not come into force for at least 12 months and one legal challenge has already commenced with the hope that the National Parliament may also intervene.

In England,
Lord Falconer’s assisted dying bill (there’s that name again) will be debated in the House of Lords in mid-July. Last week, the Supreme Court of the UK refused to find in favour of any of three appellants who were looking to overturn the laws prohibiting euthanasia & assisted suicide.

In France two separate court cases were resolved; one dismissing charges against a doctor over seven cases of deliberately causing death to a patient and the other, allowing the removal of nutrition and hydration from a long-term coma patient. In this last case, the family have appealed to the
European Court of Human Rights who have issued a stay upon the French court judgement.

In Scotland, an assisted suicide bill remains under debate and was clouded recently when a London Tomes story said that a
children’s charities peak body had submitted that euthanasia for children should be included. This was later denied. However, the wording of the submission was ambiguous to say the least!

In the USA, an assisted suicide bill was withdrawn in New Jersey because it lacked support. Disability groups like
Not Dead Yet and Second Thoughts made very effective representation to the NJ bills committee. Well done! 

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In 1920 a book called: Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life-its measure and form was published by two German academics, Binding and Hoche. Their proposals were soon to be adopted by Hitler and the German National Socialists under various schemes that led ultimately to the Nazi death camps.

This book has been republished with an extensive and thought provoking forward by American academic, Anthony Horvath.

I will be accused of suggesting that the pro-euthanasia movement is the precursor to another Nazi type regime. That’s not what I’m saying; but the echoes from this book and in Horvath’s analysis bear contemplation for fear that, having not remembered our history, we’ll be doomed to repeat history’s errors in some way.

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More stories from the HOPE blog below.

Thanks so much for all that you do!

Paul Russell
Quebec got it wrong: must we follow?
Prof. Somerville analyses the Quebec debate.


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