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Rodrigo Fresán wins the
Prix Roger Caillois!

Awarded by the PEN Club France, la Maison de L’Amérique Latine, and la Societé des Amis et Lecteurs de Roger Caillois, the Prix Roger Caillois is given out annually to both a Latin American author and a French author, and this year, Rodrigo Fresán (The Invented Part, The Bottom of the Sky) is the Latin American recipient!

Roger Caillois helped bring the work of Borges and Neruda to France, which is why this prize, which started in 1991, honors writers from both sides of the Atlantic. If you look over the names of the Latin American winners, you'll find quite the hit list of influential writers: José Donoso, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Mario Vargas Llosa, Carlos Fuentes, Alberto Manguel, Sergio Pitol, Ricardo Piglia, Cristina Rivera Garza, and Roberto Bolaño, among several others. 

Although the press coverage is just starting to appear, there's already a great piece in Pagina 12, an Argentine newspaper. Since Fresán just so happened to be in Argentina when this was announced, they were able to get some interesting comments from him about what it's like having his first prize be from France rather than Argentina or Spain (he links this up with Borges's "The Argentine Writer and Tradition), and there's even a reference to how he was born "clinically dead," which is why his books start with endings. 

This announcement comes on the heels of Adam Thirlwell selecting The Invented Part (along with Ricardo Piglia's The Diaries of Emilio Renzi) as one of the "best books of the year" for Bookforum

According to Thirlwell, "[The Diaries of Emilio Renzi] is something to be celebrated, just as we should celebrate the translation of another vast Argentinean bildungsroman of reading and writing, Rodrigo Fresán's The Invented Part, translated by Will Vanderhyden. Both novels offer one form of resistance to encroaching fascism: style."

The Invented Part is the first of five books by Fresán that Open Letter will be publishing. (Next up is The Bottom of the Sky in May 2018.) This novel is so incredible that we ended up creating a new podcast just to spend weeks with it. The Two Month Review podcast—now in its third season, see below—takes a single book and discusses it section-by-section, week-by-week, enjoying it, dissecting it, talking about it in a passionate, enjoyable way. 

Anyway, if you haven't read The Invented Part yet, you should use the code 2MONTH at the Open Letter checkout and get 20% off, then download this Word doc that collects all of the essays written about The Invented Part for the podcast, along with links to each of the episodes. Totally biased, but this really is the best way to dig into what may well be Fresán's magnum opus. 
Event Schedule

Two Month Review LIVE at McNally Jackson!

As mentioned above, the Two Month Review is now in its third season, this time focusing on the work of Catalan author Mercè Rodoreda. 

The final episode on her Selected Stories goes live this Thursday, then we will begin discussing her posthumous novel, Death in Spring. (Both of these are available from our website for 20% off by using 2MONTH at checkout.) 

To celebrate Rodoreda's work, we will be recording an episode LIVE at McNally Jackson (52 Prince St., NYC) on December 12th at 7pm.

Brian and I will be joined by María Cristina Hall of the Ramon Llull Institut, and following the conversation about the whole of Death in Spring, there will be a little reception with some Spanish wine. 

We'll also be taking questions from the audience about Rodoreda's life and work, and answering anything that comes into the Goodreads group or via email. This will be just like the podcast—lively, funny, and informed—and will be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

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Back when the press first launched, we had the great idea of offering half- and full-year subscriptions to our titles. That way we could offer a significant discount on the books (10 books for $100!), and fans of the press would never miss a thing. 

This has been a booming success (partially due to a feature in the New York Times) and has now become standard practice for almost all independent, small presses. 

Not to be outdone, we want to take a moment to highlight what books you might miss out on if you don't subscribe. 

The Same Night Awaits Us All by Hristo Karasotyanov (Bulgaria)

The Endless Summer by Madame Nielsen (Denmark)

Fox by Dubravka Ugresic (Europe)

The Bottom of the Sky by Rodrigo Fresán (Argentina)

Ma Bole's Second Life by Xiao Hong (China)

Narrator by Bragi Ólafsson (Iceland)

American Fictionary by Dubravka Ugresic (Europe)

The Easiness and the Loneliness by Asta Olivia Nordenhof (Denmark)

Camellia Street by Mercè Rodoreda (Catalonia)

Decalomania: Complete Early Poems and Aphorisms by Oliverio Girondo (Argentina)

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