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Week of January 10
  • Welcomed new board members: Pat McKee, Michael Armstrong, Sharlene Williams, Kevin Fisher, and Spencer Locklear
  • It was announced that Cunningham and Company will be the title sponsor for the 2014 Carolina Home Show
  • UDO Stakeholders Committee continues to work on amendments to the ordinance 
  • Casino Night date announced April 3, 2014
City of Fayetteville Offers Stormwater Fee Incentive Program

(Fayetteville, N.C. January 3, 2014) – Commercial, industrial and multifamily property owners in Fayetteville may be credited a portion of their City stormwater fee if they manage their stormwater runoff through onsite water quality or quantity structural Best Management Practices. Some owners may be eligible to receive as much as an 80 percent fee credit if they meet one, two or all of three requirements.

Requirements include: 
  • Having an onsite stormwater detention or retention pond that reduces the quantity of stormwater runoff from the property that is designed and maintained according to the standards of the City of Fayetteville’s Stormwater Control Ordinance 
  • Having an onsite Best Management Practice (BMP) that reduces the impact of pollution on water quality and meets the design and maintenance standards in the City of Fayetteville’s Stormwater Control Ordinance. A BMP temporarily stores and/or treats urban stormwater runoff to reduce flooding, remove pollutants and provides other amenities 
  • Being classified as industrial and is covered by either an individual or general National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) industrial permit. 
Industrial property owners can get up to an 80 percent credit by complying with all three requirements. Commercial and multifamily property owners can receive as much as a 60 percent credit on their stormwater fees.

In order to receive the fee credit, owners must apply for the incentive by April 15 and have a completed, functioning stormwater facility. The facility will be inspected by the City to ensure it meets regulations. Facilities must be designed and certified by a professional engineer licensed in N.C. To ensure that the engineer is licensed, owners can log and go to license lookup.

Upon approval of the stormwater facility and application, the credit will be reflected in the annual billing of the stormwater fee in August. The fee credit is available annually as long as the BMP is properly maintained and continues to meet City criteria.

Individuals or businesses wishing to apply for the incentive can stop by the Engineering & Infrastructure desk on the first floor of City Hall, located at 433 Hay Street, or by , clicking on “All Stormwater Related Downloads” then “Stormwater Credit Manual for City Users.” For more information, please contact staff with the Stormwater Division at 433-1613.
Economic Forecast for 2014: Steady Improvement and Less Fiscal Drag
Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., GraphsandLaughs, LLC

   Looking at 2014, the economic landscape looks pleasantly solid.  The American economy should continue to improve, unemployment rates should keep falling, house prices should rise by about 6% to 7% from current levels, and the manufacturing sector will continue to slowly pick up steam.  Most importantly, DC budget brinksmanship appears to have taken a breather, thereby reducing policy uncertainty which should boost business spending and risk taking.  In addition, the continued rise in consumer sentiment, along with the improving jobs picture, will insure that new home construction continues its steady, albeit unspectacular, ascent.  Lastly, while the developing world will slow in 2014, Europe is out of recession, Japan looks better and China looks OK.  The only serious domestic fly in the ointment is the fact that wage growth is slim to none and inflation is too low. 
   With all this in mind, I expect full year 2014 GDP to come in at no less than 2.85%, a healthy rise from the expected 2.2% GDP growth experienced in 2013.  As for housing starts, they should, for the first time in years, exceed a million units, with total starts coming in at 1.12 million.  For all of 2014, single-family starts should total about 750,000 and in Q4, starts should hit an annualized rate of 800,000.  Multifamily starts for 2014 should total 370,000 but exhibit no trend from quarter to quarter. 
As for jobs, given the slowly improving labor market, expect net new monthly job gains to average close to 215,000 per month.  As a result, the unemployment rate should steadily fall from the current level of 7% to 6.5% and maybe even 6.4% by year end 2014, with much riding upon the behavior of the falling labor force participation rate (LFPR).   If the LFPR remains where it is, an unemployment rate of 6.5% will not be a stretch, but if the LFRP rises, and that would be a good thing, unemployment may end the year at 6.7%.       
   Inflation will remain quite benign but possibly show modest upward drift.  The combination of mildly improving global growth, flat to declining energy and commodity prices, and mildly rising food prices will keep the CPI pretty much where it is; at or below 2%.  Moreover, the combination of miniscule rises in import prices, producer prices, and anemic wage growth means that personal consumption expenditure inflation, the Feds preferred inflation measure, will not exceed 1.7%.  That will give the Federal Reserve ample room to slowly ratchet down its monthly purchases of Treasuries and mortgage backed securities in $10 billion increments until the program ends in late 2014.  Importantly, the Fed should have no problem keeping short term interest rates at their current rock bottom levels, at least through the end of 2014.
   As a result of faster GDP growth in 2014, 30-year mortgage rates will probably end the year around 5%. But not to worry, as a combination of easing credit market conditions, rising house values, mild increases in consumer spending, and slightly rising exports will keep the economy on track despite mildly rising mortgage rates.  In short, given decent GDP growth, the expected interest rate rise will not sap growth.  Lastly, I put the chances of a recession in 2014 at only 10%.  So look forward to steady improvement during the next 12 months and fear not rising interest rates.   
Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D. is President of GraphsandLaughs, LLC and can be reached at  His daily 70 word economics and policy blog can be seen at

BUILDER Member Survey

Short survey to help Lowe's strengthen its relationship with NCHBA members
   In 2013, NCHBA celebrated its 50th anniversary of service to its members. Lowe's was an original sponsor of NCHBA back in 1963 and that partnership continues today. Lowe's is committed to strengthening this partnership - not only with NCHBA, but also with our local associations throughout the state.
   In order to better serve your needs as a builder member of NCHBA, Lowe's has designed a short survey which can be completed in less than five minutes. As an incentive, upon completion of the survey, Lowe's will email you a coupon worth $30 off any purchase over $150, which can be redeemed at any one of Lowe's 113 stores across the state (or at any of their 1,700 stores across the nation)! 
  In addition to determining how Lowe's can better serve you as an NCHBA builder member, answers to other survey questions will assist Lowe's corporate leaders to better understand the current relationship that its local stores have with your local association and to make that relationship even stronger.
   Please click on this link to access the survey: 
Your email address will be used ONLY to send you the coupon; it will NOT be used for any other marketing purpose, nor will it be shared with any other entity.
Mike Carpenter
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
North Carolina Home Builders Association
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