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Week of September 5
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WOW Idea


Moen Kitchen Faucet-Arbor with MotionSense

MotionSense provides the convenience of having a kitchen faucet that can literally sense what you’re trying to accomplish and respond towhat you need, the moment you need it. That’s because MotionSense activates flow based on simple hand movements. This convenient, hands–free control assists in accomplishing routine tasks with greater speed and efficiency. MotionSense is now available with the tailored look of our transitionally styled Arbor®.

This WOW Idea proudly featured in the 2014 Idea House courtesy of Hubbard Kitchen & Bath Showroom.  




September is membership GROWTH month at the HBAF. We need every member to help the HBAF GROW.

The member company (one associate company/one builder company) that GROWS the HBAF by the most new members will receive a homepage ad on the HBAF website for 6 months. The competition runs September 1-18. Good luck!

View all the details here
Despite the General Assembly’s failure to enact two of NCHBA’s top legislative priorities, HB 150 (Zoning/Design & Aesthetic Controls) and the repeal of municipal protest petition authority (See Sec. 3.5 of HB 734, 6th Edition), NCHBA enjoyed a very productive session. Both of these measures passed the House with strong bi-partisan majorities but were not calendared by the Senate for reasons entirely unrelated to their merits. We believe the prospects for passage of these measures in the 2015 Session are very promising. Now, organized by subject matter, are those NCHBA priority issues which were enacted:

1. Disapproved Industrial Commission rules which were harmful to employers by the passage of SB 794. It disapproves eight rules adopted by the Industrial Commission earlier this year which were opposed by the business community. SB 794 amends certain workers comp laws and provides specific legislative direction as to how the Industrial Commission is to rewrite the replacement rules. This bill represents the last step in the effort begun in the 2011 Session to bring about major reform to the workers comp statutes.
2. Stopped effort by plaintiff lawyers to more than double the permissible awards for the loss of, or injury to, an organ which would have driven up workers comp premiums. By defeating SB 101 (WC/Inflation Indexing for Organ Injury/Loss), existing award limits remain in place and no future indexing for inflation will occur.
3. Deputy Industrial Commission terms were created for the purpose of providing more accountability and balance. The deputy commissioners are the frontline hearing officers for all workers comp claims. Sec 15.16 of SB 744 (Appropriations Act of 2014) was enacted to ensure more accountability and balance.
4. Limitation on repackaging prescription drugs for resale by physicians. In an attempt to head off abuse seen in other states especially with respect to pain medication, Sec. 15.16A of SB 744 puts restrictions on physicians as noted.
5. Eliminated hearing and processing fees presently paid by employers to Industrial Commission. NCHBA helped lead a two-year effort to bring about this reform which will save employers $2.5 million per year. See Sec. 15.16B of SB 744.
Continued significant ongoing regulatory reform efforts with passage of SB 734 (Regulatory Reform Act of
2014) which, among others, enacted these important reforms:
6. Permit choice. Sec. 16 of the Act allows a permit applicant to choose which version of any state or local rule or ordinance will apply if the rule or ordinance changes between the time of submission of the application and the time of decision (except for zoning permits).
7. Coastal stormwater grandfather. Sec. 25 of the Act provides that any development activity on contiguous property in coastal counties under a subdivision plat approved as of 07/03/12 shall comply with the stormwater provisions in existence as of the date of issuance and does not have to comply with subsequently enacted provisions.
8. Exempts construction & demolition landfills from minimum financial responsibility requirements applicable to other solid waste management facilities. Sec. 27 of the Act.
9. Reform on-site wastewater regulation. Sec. 28 & 40 expand opportunities for alternative systems.
10. Slatted decks and pervious gravel excluded from “built upon area” in stormwater regulation. See Sec. 45 of Act.
11. USPS cluster mail box units excluded from stormwater regulation for single family or duplex residences. See Sec. 46 of Act.
12. Amend isolated wetland regulation. Sec. 54 of the Regulatory Reform Act increases the exemption from state regulation of isolated wetlands which are less than or equal to 1 acre east of I-95 per project (was 1/3 acre) or 1/3 acre west of I-95 (was 1/10 acre). Isolated wetlands are exempt from federal regulation regardless of size. Mitigation ratios for isolated wetlands are reduced from 2:1 to 1:1 and the term “isolated wetlands” is defined reducing the chances of arbitrary and erroneous field determinations.
13. Riparian buffer mitigation requirements were substantially improved by the passage of SB 883 (Mitigation Buffer Rule) which, among other things, allows credit for restoration within 30 feet from stream banks and allows buffer preservation to count for mitigation which was not allowed under the old rules applicable to various river basins across the state.
14. Private developers will be allowed the same stormwater BMP standards as DOT currently utilizes as a result of the passage of SB 294 (Allow Use of DOT Stormwater BMPs)
15. Successfully lobbied for a continued significant appropriation for the Housing Trust Fund administered by the NC Housing Finance Agency. The conference report for the budget bill (SB 744) appropriates $7 million to the Housing Trust Fund for 2014.
16. Preservation of Workforce Housing Investment Program (formerly state low-income housing tax credit) which was scheduled to sunset 12/31/14 but was extended by an appropriation of $10 million in SB 744.
17. Prevent Patent Abuse. Sec. 2.1 of SB 648 (NC Commerce Protection Act of 2014) creates protections to deter “patent trolls” from threats and unfounded litigation. Many businesses including home builders in other parts of the country have been victims of such conduct.
18. Exempted contractors from new Landscape Contractor Licensing Statute. See Sec.3 of HB 366 (NC Farm Act of 2014)
NCHBA tracked 488 of the 2,162 bills introduced into the 2013-2014 Session (23%). Thus, almost one in four bills had some impact, or potential impact, on our industry. The foregoing only lists the most significant of many significant bills. For more
Top 4 Reasons Members Should Register for IBS in September
September is the only chance for NAHB members to take advantage of the best deals on registration to the building industry’s biggest event. Registration opens Sept. 2 – make sure your members know!
  1. Free IBS Expo Pass – See more than 500,000 net square feet of exhibits and 1,300 manufacturers and suppliers of the latest and most in-demand products and services.
  2. Save $100 Off IBS Full Registration – IBS education is in demand! The number of attendees getting full registrations (with access to all education sessions) has grown 40% over the past two years and speaker ratings are at an all-time high! With more than 100 education sessions in 10 tracks, attendees are sure to gain the knowledge to improve their business.
  3. HBA Housing Block – Take advantage of great hotel properties at discounted rates and complimentary shuttle service to/from the Las Vegas Convention Center.
  4. Spouse Registration – Registration for spouses is free during the month of September!
Plus, an IBS expo pass also gives access to the four other exhibit floors of Design & Construction Week™ – Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the International Window Coverings Expo (IWCE), the Las Vegas Market and The International Surface Event (TISE).
Register at


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September 9-10
21st CBE
Charlotte, NC

September 17
Golf Committee
10:00 am

September 18
Board of Directors
9:00 am

September 18
Member Mixer
Idea House Member Preview

5:30 - 7 pm (floating)
2205 Lakedale Drive
Appetizers & Beverages
Register by September 15

October 23
Fall Golf Tournament
Cypress Lakes


HBAF Office Suite For Lease

Space Available: 805 SF
Rental Rate: $1,075 /Month
Space Type: Office Building

View additional information here

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Big Picture Marketing for 2015: Building a Solid Foundation for Your Business

Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2-3 p.m. ET
Sales and Marketing series

Learn how and why your website serves as the center of your strategy and what that means for how to handle each of your marketing tactics and activities. Get ideas for improving your marketing program with dozens of real-world examples of current, successful and innovative marketing tactics being used by home builders across the nation.

Common-Sense, Best-Practice Business Planning
Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2-3 p.m.
Business Improvement series

Learn how to easily create, maintain and most importantly change the way you analyze your business. Truly know if you’re winning or losing the most important game of your life. With an open mind and a few tweaks to what you’re already doing, you can use fundamental business planning practices to determine via facts, the best solutions to every day decisions.

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