Volumes 3 (837 pp.) and 4 (996 pp.) of Bergsmo/CHEAH/SONG/YI (editors): ‘Historical Origins of International Criminal Law’; and five sets of preparatory works now accessible in the ICL Public Commons


Dear colleague,

Volumes 3 and 4 of ‘Historical Origins of International Criminal Law’ have now been published, less than 12 months after the corresponding conference in New Delhi 28-30 November 2014. The books will be launched in the World Forum Theatre in The Hague at 13:10 today. Together the four volumes offer more than 3,300 pages, in 83 chapters, by 103 authors from around the world. You find more information about the project as a whole in the leaflet ‘United by the Basics of International Criminal Law: Exploring its Historical Origins’.

Volume 3 considers the doctrinal evolution of core international crimes and principles of individual criminal responsibility, as well as some early antecedents. Contributors include Narinder Singh, Eivind S. Homme, Manoj Kumar Sinha, Emiliano J. Buis, Shavana Musa, Jens Iverson, Gregory S. Gordon, Benjamin E. Brockman-Hawe, William Schabas, Patryk I. Labuda, GUO Yang, Philipp Ambach, Helen Brady, Ryan Liss, Sheila Paylan, Agnieszka Klonowiecka-Milart, Meagan Wong, Marina Aksenova, Zahra Kesmati, Chantal Meloni, Hitomi Takemura, Hae Kyung Kim, ZHANG Binxin and the editors.

Volume 4 concentrates on institutional contributions to the development of international criminal law rather than taking a chronological (Volumes 1 and 2) or doctrinal (Volume 3) approach. It analyzes contributions made by institutions such as the Nuremberg, Tokyo, ex-Yugoslavia and Rwanda tribunals, INTERPOL, the International Association of Penal Law, the Far Eastern and Pacific Sub-Commission, and internationalised fact-finding mandates. The contributors include Wegger Christian Strømmen, LING Yan, Anuradha Bakshi, ZHU Wenqi, Volker Nerlich, David Re, LIU Daqun, Serge Brammertz, Kevin C. Hughes, Patricia Pinto Soares, Mareike Schomerus, Seta Makoto, Natalia M. Luterstein, Hilde Farthofer, Itai Apter, Md. Mostafa Hosain, Helge Brunborg, Mutoy Mubiala, Yaron Gottlieb, Mark A. Lewis, Marquise Lee Houle, Tina Dolgopol, Rahmat Mohamad, Barrie Sander, Furuya Shuichi, Chris Mahony, ZHANG Binxin and the editors.

The ICC Legal Tools Database now contains the preparatory works of the following instruments and documents in international criminal law: 1) 1948 Genocide Convention, 2) 1949 Geneva Conventions, 3) 1977 Additional Protocols, 4) ICC Statute, Rules of Procedure and Evidence, and Elements of Crimes, and 5) ICC Statute Amendments (crime of aggression). This means that the Database now makes available in the ICL Public Commons the preparatory works for the main treaties or ICC legal texts on the core international crimes of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and aggression. A new tool ‘ICC Preparatory Works Search’ (‘ICCPWS’) has been developed in the CMN Knowledge Hub to help find documents in the ICC preparatory works more easily.
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Alf Butenschøn Skre
Senior Executive Adviser

Two new publications in the FICHL Publication Series:
FICHL Publication Series No. 22 (2015):
Morten Bergsmo, CHEAH Wui Ling, SONG Tianying and YI Ping (editors):
Historical Origins of International Criminal Law: Volume 3
Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
Brussels, 2015
837 pages
ISBN: 978-82-8348-015-3 (print) and 978-82-8348-014-6 (e-book).
First published on 19 November 2015.
FICHL Publication Series No. 23 (2015):
Morten Bergsmo, CHEAH Wui Ling, SONG Tianying and YI Ping (editors):
Historical Origins of International Criminal Law: Volume 4 
Torkel Opsahl Academic EPublisher
Brussels, 2015
996 pages
ISBN: 978-82-8348-017-7 (print) and 978-82-8348-016-0 (e-book).
First published on 19 November 2015.

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