Two in-depth conferences on the history of international criminal law.

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We are pleased to announce two conferences on “The Historical Origins of International Criminal Law”, in Hong Kong on 1-2 March and New Delhi on 29-30 November 2014. The Hong Kong conference examines historical trials and events up to the post-World War II period. The New Delhi conference follows up by studying later trials, doctrinal foundations, and institutional contributions to international criminal law.

Each conference is held over two days, with leading judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and academics among the speakers, including LIU Daqun, Agnieszka Klonowiecka-Milart, David Re, ONUMA Yasuaki, Geoffrey Robertson, LING Yan, William Schabas, FURUYA Shuichi and David Cohen. The papers by 84 conference speakers, from more than 30 countries, will subsequently be published in two comprehensive volumes. This project mobilizes a broad exploration of the history of international criminal law, and contributes to the vertical consolidation of this discipline of international law.
The conferences are co-organized by the Centre for International Law Research and Policy, the European University Institute (Department of Law), and Peking University International Law Institute, with City University of Hong Kong as co-organizer of the first conference and Waseda University Law School of the second. This research project is co-ordinated by Professor Morten Bergsmo (Peking University Law School), Assistant Professor CHEAH Wui Ling (National University of Singapore), and Assistant Professor YI Ping (Peking University Law School). In pursuing the project, the co-organizers and co-ordinators aspire to generate new knowledge and broaden the common hinterland to international criminal law
The concept note and programmes of the conferences may be found at Those wishing to attend should register by sending an e-mail message to Ms. Tessa Bolton at
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CHEAH Wui Ling
FICHL Senior Adviser
Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
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