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SAWTOOTH ARI would like to extend to you an invitation to the opening of

Tallest You'll Ever Be

6pm, Friday, 7 June 2014
to be held at The Homestead Tasmania, 304 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Exhibiting Artists: Mat Carey,Vika Fifita, Courtney Foote, Kieran Sullivan, Cameron McCrae, Neika Lehman, Liam James, Fredrica Rose, Erica Wrigley and
Rhiannon James

Contemporary Australia's legal conventions tell us a person's coming-of-age is at eighteen years old. Cultural and religious rituals in the home and media may posit a different time again. So when, if ever, does one come-of-age, and what does this really mean for the individual? 

This concept of familiarity and expectation in our shared institutional narratives becomes abstract in the realm of the individual. To come-of-age is as much to come in to one's own body and its responsibilities, as it is for their body to come in to society. 

Tallest You'll Ever Be is a selection of work by local and national, under-thirty year old artists, curated by Liam James. Through painting, drawing, photography and digital media, Tallest You'll Ever Be responds to the navigation of this rite of passage amongst Australia's various sanctions and celebrations of the 'adult' in the world.

- Neika Lehman

The Exhibition will be followed by a secret gig to be announced on the evening.
This year, Launceston will be hosting the annual conference of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) bringing together arts writers, historians, critics and artists, 5-8 December, at Inveresk. First time in a regional centre in Australia and Sawtooth ARI will be the conference ' fringe' that will show the national and international participants (including keynote speaker, Mark Tribe, from New York) the best of contemporary Tasmanian arts, design, writing, discussion. GEOcritical will be a space for speculation and discussion, particularly about issues that drive art-making and art-writing today. Check out the Thinker Blog on the Sawtooth webpage, the GEOcritical community on Facebook, and on the AAANZ's own website Check it out: there are all sorts of ways to participate, both by making and thinking GEOcritically and also by being hands-on at Sawtooth ARI. 

Dr Deb Malor, Thinker-in-residence



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