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Another Country
Matthew Newton and Sarah Rhodes (TAS)

Image left: Matthew Newton, I'm a Fire Starter (2010) pigment print, 80 x 53cm
Image right:
 Sarah Rhodes, Play (2010) pure pigment, from the series Play (2008-present), 80x80cm
Helene Weeding (TAS) 

Image: Endless #2 (2014) océ UV flatbed print on acrylic sheets and mirrored board, 120 x 180 cm. Courtesy of Handmark Gallery (Evandale and Hobart)
The Form of the Figure
Neil Grose (TAS)

Image: Nod and Wink (2014) mild steel
I Heart Video Art 
Curated by ANCA Gallery (ACT)

Alexander Boynes, Nicci Haynes, Caroline Huf, Ellis Hutch, Janice Kuczkowski, Blaide Lallemand, Heike Qualitz, Dan Vukovljak, Danny Wild and Amelia Zaraftis (ACT)

Image courtesy of ANCA Gallery (ACT) 
 This exhibition is kindly supported by McGrath Estate Agents Dickson. 
2D+3D: The Displaced Image 
ARTSKOOL: Melanie Fidler & Paul Eggins (TAS)

The Annual Conference of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand will be held in Launceston, Tasmania, 5-7 December 2014, with an optional day in Hobart, 8 December 2014. The conference will be based at the Inveresk Precinct, hosted by the University of Tasmania (Tasmanian College of the Arts and the School of Architecture and Design) and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.
Sessions have been set for one and a half hours, with the expectation (although not the rule) being for three twenty-minute papers, each followed by ten minutes of questions, discussion, explication or commentary from a designated discussant. Session Convenors will tailor the session to best address the concerns set out in the session abstract and with acknowledgement of the conference theme, GEOcritical.  Those applying for the ARI sessions should note the specific requirements for those sessions set out in the abstracts.
Proposals for papers must be sent to the Session Convenors listed with each session abstract, not to the AAANZ nor the Session Curators. Where contact details are given for only one convenor, that person has elected to manage the proposals for that session and correspondence should only be with that convenor.  Where no contact details (email or phone) are given for convenors of a particular session,  that session has already been filled by the convenors: no further papers can be considered for that session however consideration should be given to applying to present in the Open Session.
Proposals should be received by Session Convenors by Friday 29 August 2014.

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