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Off the Wall is an initiative of the Launceston City Council. This project was funded jointly under a grant from the Australian Government.

Brain Foetus is a self-taught artist currently living and working in Regional Tasmania. Brain Foetus views street art from a fine art perspective, hand painting with Indian Ink the paste-ups that she gifts to the streets. For her, the beauty of street art lies in its ability to intersect someone’s day in a really powerful way. Her characters, all interconnected, run parallel to the reality that she lives, and serve as her imaginary friends: discussing her sense of place, scale, and home. 

GCMA is a Launceston based furniture designer and street artist. Geoff aims to create thought provoking pieces that reflect the universality of the human condition. He incorporates recycled materials sourced from building sites which would otherwise be discarded.

Jamin is a Hobart based street artist and one of the judges for the Off the Wall Street Art Competition. Jamin’s work challenges cultural myths, exploring slippages between identity, media, politics and popular culture. Through combining elements of street and protest culture with absurdity and ambivalence, he creates often wild reflections of contemporary mediated experience.

Image credit: Brain Foetus. Railton nomad (2014) Railton, Tasmania. Indian ink and pink sharpie on butcher's paper.

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