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too busy to renovate? MyHome's experts will transform your space while you sit back and relax

Whether you're gut-renovating your kitchen or your entire apartment, renovating means taking on more than your fair share of hassles, especially in NYC. Among other things, you'll need to find a reliable contractor as well an architect and/or designer, source the best materials, and secure approvals from your building and often the city too--all while working doubletime at your job(s) to pay for it. If your renovation is big, you're coordinating different specialists for everything that needs to get done.  And if you try to do it yourself, you will likely run into issues that are beyond your expertise. 

Here's where the New York-based renovation company MyHome comes to the rescue. An all-in-one design and remodeling firm, MyHome will run the entire process from beginning to end while you take it easy.

“We take you through the building approvals, the design, the materials and the construction,” explains MyHome managing partner Yoel Piotrait. “It's a one-stop-shop for a New York client who doesn't have enough time to supervise projects day-to-day.” While the benefits of an all-in-one design firm are many, here are the top five that will make your next renovation project a lot easier than you ever imagined.

1. Every project starts with a free consultation
“We'll be able to work with you off the bat on your price range, labor and new materials,” said Piotrait. A MyHome specialist will see your space, hear about your plans and your price range, and then help you decide the best plan of action. From here, they will take care of all the dirty work. You don't risk a contractor dropping out of the project or surprising you with a major price increase or hidden fees. You have assurance from day one that experts who know exactly what you want out of your renovation are going to stick around until the entire project is done.

2. There's no project too big
Embarking on a major restoration of a historic townhouse, or a gut renovation of a worn-out apartment? MyHome will take on the entire interior project. These major projects—which require numerous specialists, lots of different materials, and complicated building approvals— are where MyHome can help the most. They'll organize the efforts of a complicated renovation under one umbrella, coordinating everyone from the electrician to the painter. And with an interior designer and project manager assigned specifically to your project, you'll always know your point person when you've got questions. The minimum for a MyHome project is $10,000--around the price of a bathroom or small kitchen renovation. At the very least, MyHome is willing to take on complete bathroom renovations as well as complete kitchen renovations -- even if you've got a modest galley kitchen. 

3. MyHome handles all your paperwork hassles
New York City is famous for its complicated building laws, and most renovations will need to secure some sort of approvals to move forward. MyHome is your go-to in working with co-op and condo boards. “The DIY approach is especially hard in New York City. It's intimidating for clients who aren't familiar with the process,” says Piotrait. Don't let yourself get intimidated by the fine print, let MyHome do it for you. They work with your building management to secure all the approvals needed for your interior renovation. They will also work with the Department of Buildings for matters like upgrading the electrical system or taking down a wall. 

4. Getting your materials is easy
At the beginning of your renovation, your MyHome interior designer will take you to the company's showroom to select materials. Although you can order them elsewhere, this is an easy way to survey your options without getting overwhelmed, and also benefit from the advice of an expert. Once you've picked the perfect materials, MyHome will order them for you. They'll be delivered directly to MyHome, who will then install them when you're ready. (This means no tripping over, say, spare buckets of paint in your hallway or arranging separate Certificates of Insurance for every large delivery. ) One of the biggest benefits of this part? “Clients don't have to worry about being home to accept any deliveries,” said Piotrait. Because no one wants to take a day off work just to sit home and wait for the deliveryman. 

5. MyHome will see you through the finishing touches—and stick around after the project ends
After MyHome has helped you navigate building approvals, order your materials, hire all the labor, they'll create a beautiful new space. Their staff of interior designers is on hand to help you pick the best cabinets, tile, counters, paint color, flooring, or any other material needed for construction. And when most of the construction is done, your project manager will examine everything with you and write a touch-up list that includes anything you find that's incomplete or unsatisfactory.

After all of your concerns are addressed, the project is officially complete, but the company still isn't going anywhere. Each reno then comes with a five-year warranty to help protect your remodeling investment.
“Clients do not have to worry after the project is done if any issues come up,” said Piotrait. For the next five years, your MyHome team will be there to help you out. “Throughout the process, we're giving peace of mind to our clients,” he said. And that, for any New Yorker, is pretty priceless. 

MyHome is a full service design and remodeling firm serving New York City with everything you need from design and supply to installation. Visit our Manhattan showroom open seven days a week.  To schedule a free at-home consultation and estimate, call 646-233-4925 or click here.


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