2017 End of Year

Winter 2018    A community newsletter from City of Faith Prison Ministry
Time for that end of the year reflection.  That time of year when we look back on the last year with either regret or satisfaction or, if you’re like me, a little bit of both.  We have a tendency to place our life experiences in either the “win” column or the “loss” column and if we’re lucky, the former list is greater than the latter.  But what if it’s not? What if we leave the year feeling like it was just a total bust and dreading the next one, only hoping it’s not any worse?

The last couple months of 2017 had me plunging head long into a study of King David. I felt this journey through 1st and 2nd Samuel was by divine design.  I was beginning to feel my personal loss column was way longer than the wins and with that in mind I wanted to get to know the King who was a “man after God’s own heart.”   God said that about David, he didn’t say that about himself. It wasn’t a matter of David’s ego speaking, it was on good authority.

Did you know David, this man after God’s on heart, was a liar? An adulterer? A murderer? A terrible husband and an even worse father? This King David was a man of war with blood on his hands and yet he was loved by God Almighty. How?  Because he ran to God with every failure.  Because he was a worshipper and he had a personal relationship with a Creator who forgives and shows mercy and loving kindness, long-suffering and understands us completely. 

I recently had a visit from one of the City of Faith residents who had violated one of the rules here at our facility.  He came into my office and basically fell on his sword.  Earlier that morning I had prayed that I would be able to be of use to God and His people and little did I know, that through David’s life and this opportunity, I was about to see God’s hand in action.  I began to tell this young man that God controls Satan.  God has him on a chain in his own yard like a big, aggressive dog but he has some slack in this chain that allows him to only go to the edge of his yard.  If we stay out of the devil’s yard we’re protected but when we get inside the boundaries of his yard, there’s not a whole lot God can do until we make the decision to leave. In this young man’s case, a drinking violation, there wasn’t much I could do either.  David often went into the devil’s yard and sometimes I find myself veering off the narrow path just to go see what’s in that yard.  There are some very shiny distractions. Distractions that deceive and make us believe that what is offered there is way better than anything God has.  When David veered off and went headlong into the devil’s yard God told him, “David, all you had to do was ask.  You didn’t have to lie, cheat and murder for it.”  David fell on his face seeking God’s face with a humble and contrite heart.  I think that’s one of God’s favorite places for us to be.

It is my prayer for all of us that 2018 will see us running into the arms of the One who forgives, loves and protects us.  When we veer off, just run back.  You can leave that yard of deception and devastation and get back on that path of peace.  Feel free to call me or email me if you need someone to encourage you on your path.

Winners all.

Volunteer's Corner

Since the founding of City of Faith in 1986, City of Faith company-wide has logged over 10,000 hours of community service hours to over 5 different cities.  Below is City of Faith-Little Rock’s current volunteer hours and volunteer dollar value:
May - 53.50 hours, $1,051.81
June - 16.75 hours, $329.31
July -  28.25 hours, $555.40
September - 42.25 hours, $830.64
October -  46.25 hours, $909.28
November -  43 hours, $845.38
December - 50 hours, $983
*volunteer dollars based on Bureau of Labor Statistics

‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’ says the LORD Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the LORD Almighty.’
   Haggai 2:9

Upcoming Events

LR Animal Village
    - Every Saturday
    - Cleaning kennels, etc
    - Second Monday monthly
    - Community partners discuss City
       of Faith & community projects
Real Talk
    - Tuesday nights weekly
    - Monroe Men’s Group
Silver Linings Christmas Project
    - December 12, 2018
    - Partnership with City of LR
       Alert Centers Facilitators
    - Christmas for 200 senior citizens

Bash on the Boulevard

City of Faith-Little Rock residents were invited to help set up and tear down for the Maumelle Chamber of Commerce hosted event, Bash on the Boulevard.  The event helps raise money for the Maumelle economic and entrepreneurship growth programs.
Silver Linings Christmas Project
The 2017 Silver Linings Christmas Project marked the 10th anniversary of the COF-LR and City of Little Rock Alert Center Facilitators partnership.  In the last 10 years, City of Faith-LR residents and staff have been able to bless over 2,000 seniors in the Little Rock area with a bag full of goodies at Christmas time.  Our neighbors this year received a reusable bag full of food and other useful items for around the house.  All proceeds were raised by friends of City of Faith.
City of Faith-Little Rock is very excited about a new partnership with Calvary Chapel in Little Rock.  The local church contacted COF-LR with a request to take care of the families of the residents.  The church helped the residents purchase Christmas gifts for their children.  "We have never had anyone do this for our residents.  It just changed everything.  WE LOVE THIS COMMUNITY!  We hope this continues from year to year," stated Deputy Executive Director Terry Williams. 
Every Thanksgiving, a few COF-LR residents give up their Thanksgiving plans to volunteer at the Maumelle Hometown Thanksgiving.  "This is one of my favorite events each year.  We always have good time," said Deputy Executive Director Terry Williams.  Residents go out the day before Thanksgiving and set up the dining room for the event.  On Thanksgiving Day, the residents help serve and clean up after the event is over and eat until their heart's and bellies are content.  The proceeds from the Hometown Thanksgiving benefit the Timmons Art Foundation.  The event was held at the beautiful new Maumelle Center on the Lake.
In May 2017, City of Faith-Little Rock residents helped with a community rummage sale at the Jess Odom Community Center in Maumelle.  Neighbors from the surrounding area brought items for sale to benefit the Maumelle Senior Health & Wellness.  A pancake breakfast as well as lunch was available to customers at the yard sale.  The event was hosted by the Maumelle based nonprofit Counting on Each Other.
30+ Years Club
Kathy Biedenharn, Executive Director - 38 Years
Ricky Banks, Deputy Executive Director - 30 Years
20+ Years Club
Curtis Jackson, Resident Security Officer - 20 Years
Martha Coleman, Asst. Job Coordinator - 24 Years
Terry Williams, Deputy Executive Director - 21 Years
15+ Years Club
Charles Brown, Resident Security Officer - 16 Years
Kenneth Primus, Federal Case Manager - 17 Years
Lawrence Morgan, Controller - 17 Years
Brenda Myers, Payroll - 16 Years
Donna Wilhelm, Accts Payable/Receivable - 16 Years
10+ Years Club
Troy Adams, ACA/Human Resources - 14 Years
Michael Jackson, Resident Security Officer - 12 Years
Allan Cox-Thomas, Federal Case Manager - 13 Years
Charles Carter, Resident Security Officer - 11 Years
Ayonna Applegate, Federal Case Manager - 13 Years
Allen Winkler, Program Manager - 12 Years
April Shannon, Case Mgr Assistant - 11 Years
Linda Adams, Federal Case Manager - 12 Years
Elijah McCoy, Resident Security Officer - 11 Years
Phillip Sills, Chief of Security - 10 Years
Daryl Bailey, Facility Director - 11 Years
Kenny Gipson, Resident Security Officer - 14 Years
Ollie O’Neal, State Facility Director - 14 Years
5+ Years Club
Harold Winston, Resident Security Officer - 9 Years
Sonia Gray, Home Confinement Coordinator - 6 Years
Jeannie Givens, Account Technician - 6 Years
Wesley White, Home Confinement Specialist - 4 Years
Phyllis Atwood, Kitchen Manager - 5 Years
Howard Hill, Resident Security Officer - 5 Years
Lawanda Franklin, Kitchen Staff - 7 Years
Brett Mann, Employment Placement Spc - 8 Years
Brenda Dupree, Resident Security Officer - 8 Years
Roderick Pettus, Asst. Chief of  Security - 8 Years
Jasmine Ellis-Cole, Resident Security Officer - 7 Years
Artis Wilson, Resident Security Officer - 5 Years
Willie LaPoole, Resident Security Officer - 7 Years
Bryan Roberson, Resident Security Officer - 6 Years
Gregory Bridges, State Case Manager - 6 Years
Milton Coleman, Resident Security Officer - 6 Years
Robert McBroom, Home Confinement Spc - 6 Years

1+ Year Club
Margaret Fautheree, Kitchen Staff - 1 Year
Michael Chisley, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
H. Gates Privett, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
James Lairemore, Maintenance Supervisor - 2 Years
Cynthia Curley, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Linda Cunningham, Driver - 3 Years
Welton Wright, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Jose Rivera, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Tiffany Hall, Resident Security Officer - 2 Years
Bennie Dubose, Driver - 1 Years
Rodriquez Holmes, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Belinda Newman, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Lisa Harper, Facility Director - 3 Years
Valerie Duncan, Kitchen Staff - 4 Years
Alyssa Martin, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Sherryl Coleman, Kitchen Staff - 1 Year
Emma Ciccotti, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Sonia Hernandez, Maintenance - 2 Years
Louis Williams, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Billy Jenkins, Driver - 2 Years
Tameka McDonald, Federal Case Manager - 3 Years
Nelsie Ward, Jr, Driver - 2 Years
William Knight, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Danny Hall, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Michael Nordan, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Carlos Reyes, Maintenance - 1 Year
Paulette Gibbs, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Tina Head, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Lacy Johnston, Social Services Coordinator - 4 Years
Tolisa Uchendu, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Louis Graff, Maintenance - 1 Year
Montrice Johnson, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Sydnie Anderson, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Sophie Chisley, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Quandarrius Robinson, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Jeremiah Daigle, Driver - 3 Years
Patricia Bailey, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Seth Dawson, Driver/Resident Security Officer - 2 Years
Michael South, Social Services Coordinator - 4 Years
Tony McNeal, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
James Johnson, Resident Security Officer - 3 Years
Kimberly London, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Ronnie Tisdale, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Frenchie McNeal, Driver/Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
James Reynolds, Resident Security Officer - 4 Years
Jessica Curley, Resident Security Officer - 1 Year
Gerald Hardwell, Resident Security Officer - 2 Years
William Ezell, Resident Security Officer - 2 Years
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