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Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) is an organization of prominent entertainment industry executives who are devoted to building bridges for peace and oppose the singling-out of Israel for a cultural boycott. We encourage artists to visit Israel and see for themselves the country’s thriving democracy, rich culture and its people's profound desire for peace.

When Scarlett Johansson came under intense fire from anti-Israel agitators for her association with Israeli company Sodastream, CCFP worked directly with her reps and served as the central hub for the many organizations and individuals who were eager to support her.  CCFP's Facebook posts generated more than 145,000 views and were shared with numerous like-minded organizations, inspiring discussions on social media platforms and garnering nearly 700 comments on our Facebook page alone. In addition, CCFP initiated a letter writing campaign which resulted in almost 10,000 emails of support for the actress.  Scarlett's words of appreciation for this outpouring are posted on CCFP's Facebook page and include this comment, "And a big thank you to Creative Community For Peace for building a bridge between Scarlett and her fans."
"Let The Music Play" SWEEPSTAKES!
Inspired by our belief in the power of music and art to build bridges for peace, CCFP just celebrated the successful launch of "Let The Music Play" SWEEPSTAKES giving music lovers everywhere a chance to win TWO (2) free tickets to a concert in Israel with blockbuster sensation JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE who performs for the first time ever in Tel Aviv on May 28.  Featuring posts in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, this campaign has helped to spread the message of our mission while supporting artists and fans alike!  CCFP will soon be announcing FIVE LUCKY WINNERS on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to add CCFP's page to your interest list on Facebook and follow @CCFPeace on Twitter.

CCFP Supports Neil Young
Thanks to all who responded to CCFP's grassroots action alert to counter a petition calling on Neil Young to cancel his concert in Israel this July.  In just ten days, efforts to spread the word grew  the number of signatories to CCFP's Anti-Boycott Petition by an amazing 25%!  Our petition, signed by almost 26,000 people from across the globe and endorsed by 32 prominent music industry executives, was presented to Neil demonstrating powerful mainstream support for his upcoming performance in Israel.

Cyndi Lauper Meets CCFP in Israel
When news of Cyndi Lauper's January performance in Israel spread, she fell under heavy pressure by boycott proponents, including Roger Waters who wrote her a letter to persuade her to cancel. CCFP reached out to the artist, answered her questions, and encouraged her to experience Israel for herself.  During her visit to the Rimon School of Music in Tel Aviv, Cyndi personally observed Palestinians, Israelis, Iraqis, and even some students from her home town of Queens learning and coming together through music. See CCFP's exclusive interview with the iconic artist.

Two artists who previously declined to play in Israel,  The Pixies and Natacha Atlas, will both be playing for their Israeli fans this year.  Fans of The Pixies, a popular alternative rock band from Boston, are eager to see them play live in Tel Aviv, after missing their chance to see them in 2010, during the time of turmoil surrounding the Flotilla. 

In an eloquent display of inspired leadership, Natacha Atlas, a Belgian singer of Moroccan, Egyptian, and Palestinian descent, shared the considerable thought she gave to her decision in a moving post on her Facebook pageSaid Natacha, "As an artist, I have an unwavering faith in music as the universal means of communication - the fundamental means through which people can connect with each other on the most basic of levels: their shared humanity."   We couldn't agree more.

Unfortunately, challenges remain.  Almost every artist scheduled to perform in Israel is targeted and, in February, Norwegian singer, Moddi, fell prey to anti-Israel propaganda and cancelled his performance in support of the boycott.  This underscores the critical need for CCFP to continue to grow its base and extend its reach to better educate artists, industry leaders, and fans worldwide.   Dozens of artists are scheduled to perform in Israel this summer, including Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Lana del Rey, and Boy George - and they all need your support.  If you have  not already done so, please consider making a tax deductible donation toward the very important important work CCFP is doing.


Our hats are off to well known comedienne and actress Roseanne Barr, for retweeting CCFP's exclusive interview with Cyndi Lauper. Don't miss your own chance to be a star by doing the same - follow us on Twitter @CCFPeace!


In his hard-hitting op-ed in The New York Post, CCFP Advisory Board member and Co-founder of Razor & Tie Entertainment, Craig Balsam, lasered in on the anti-Semitic nature of Roger Water's call for artists to boycott Israel.  Balsam questioned the "free pass" being given Waters by the music industry stating, "I don't expect Waters to change his views - but I am appalled that no one calls him out..." and strongly urged Waters to reconsider his malicious words and opinions about Jews and the state of Israel.  Billboard Magazine, the world's leading music industry publication, reported a number of key industry executives share Balsam's concern.

The Los Angeles Times drew attention to CCFP's presentation of its Anti-Boycott Petition to Neil Young and its important mission to build bridges for peace through music and art.

CCFP's blog, "How Not to Keep Neil Young Away" made The Times of Israel's Most Read features list. Other CCFP articles include:
May 25-29 FLASH MISSION to Tel Aviv! CCFP and BACKSTAGE ISRAEL offer spontaneous travelers an exciting opportunity to connect to the land and with the people of Israel through music and culture.   Timed to coincide with Timberlake's first performance in Israel, this mission offers a moonlit tour of Jaffa, a panel on the boycott movement offered by CCFP, meetings with actress and lecturer Mhareta Baruch-Ron and founder of TLVstyle Galit Resimann, a behind-the-scenes encounter with Israel’s next generation of dancers, designers, and choreographers at The Batsheva Ensemble, and the chance to learn about the business and culture of music at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.  If you can pack a bag faster than Lucy Ricardo wraps chocolates, we encourage you to REGISTER NOW!
CCFP thanks its many supporters for making this quarter such a smashing success! 


Lana Melman 
Creative Community for Peace
David Renzer
CCFP Co-founder and Advisory Board Member

Chairman of Spirit Music Group
Former Chairman/CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group

Steve Schnur
CCFP Co-founder and Advisory Board Member

Worldwide Executive, Music President, Artwerk Music Group Electronic Arts


We represent a cross section of the creative world-- those who create and help create music, film, and television programs--and their fans.
We may not all share the same politics or the same opinion on the best path to peace in the Middle East. But we do agree that singling out Israel, the only democracy in the region, as a target of cultural boycotts while ignoring the now-recognized human rights issues of her neighbors will not further peace.
We understand the power that our music, our films, our television shows, and all arts have. They have the power to build bridges. Foster better understanding. Encourage dialogue. And hopefully lead toward greater mutual acceptance.
If you support the message that the arts can build bridges-please join us in this important mission.
The world might be a better place for it.

Boy George

The Pixies

"Friends of mine that are from here or that have spent time here have told me about Israel and how warm the people are and that I should someday come here."
- Chris Cornell, Soundgarden



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"I think without music it would be a seriously bad world. I'm bringing a message of peace, and I think that's what the region needs."
- Paul McCartney


Justin Timberlake

Rolling Stones

"Israel was an 'amazing experience'"
- Rihanna



"I want to thank everybody, all my fans in Israel, all the children everybody, it's amazing."
- Justin Bieber


The Prodigy
"It is important for me to perform for the sake of peace."
- Charles Aznavour



Steve Aoki
"We don't speak Arabic or we don't speak Hebrew.  The music definitely makes us all one group, one vibe, one energy."
- Macy Gray

Lana del Rey
"Musicians spread love and peace, and bring people together.  That's what we do.  We don't cherry-pick our conscience."
- Elton John


Lady Gaga
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