Brian Eno, Carlos Santana and many more.
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Fall Newsletter - Volume 5 Issue 3
Dear Friends of Creative Community for Peace,

We are happy to report that with CCFP's assistance, educating artists and their management about the misinformation they are receiving from the boycott movement against Israelthe summer concert season has been one of the best seasons for music in Israel so far. Artists like Ricky Martin, Major Lazer, Queen & Adam Lambert, and Eagles of Death Metal have performed in Israel just this past month! Although the boycott Israel movement hasn't been successful in convincing many artists to cancel their scheduled concerts (despite their ongoing pressure), they have been making their voices heard in other ways. Earlier this month, musician Brian Eno refused to allow an Israeli dance company to use his music citing the Movement. In response, CCFP Co-founders David Renzer and Steve Schnur wrote an article about how BDS Exploits Artists Like Brian Eno published in The Jerusalem Post. 

CCFP remains the only organization working to counter cultural boycott efforts against Israel. We are working behind the scene to ensure that artists continue to travel to, and perform in Israel, and that Israeli artists aren't boycotted abroad. We can't do our work without your support. Please help us continue to grow by supporting our efforts. 
Carlos Santana Performs amid BDS Pressure & CCFP Assists
Santana was pressured by the anti-Israel BDS movement to cancel his July show in Tel Aviv, and it was also misreported that his cancelled 2010 concert was because of BDS pressure. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the BDS movement has falsely claimed artist's cancellations in Israel as support for their cause, but is a commonly used tactic. CCFP assisted Santana and his team with a positive messaging campaign that flooded his facebook with messages of support. 
CCFP Website is LIVE
CCFP officially relaunched our website now featuring new content including a concert calendar with a lineup of upcoming concerts in Israel.
Joss Stone Slams BDS
“I LOVED the experience of playing in [Israel],” Stone wrote on Facebook after her show. After her concert, Stone firmly rebuffed the BDS campaign, thanking those of her fans who responded to such pressure and supported her right to perform in Israel, and understood the importance of doing so.
Omri Casspi Foundation
The NBA player's second annual trip of influencers to his native Israel 
included actor Jeremy Piven, NBA players Shawn MarionAmar'e StoudemireRudy GayUFC fighter Georges St-PierreWNBA players, and poker player Maria Ho.
BDS Exploits Artists Like Brian Eno
Brian Eno refused permission for an Israeli dance company to use his music, citing alleged efforts by the Israeli government to misuse artists to whitewash its crimes. Read our response in the Jerusalem Post on we why can't help but wonder if he is aware of the true aims of the [BDS} movement with which he has joined forces. 
Stanford Professor Writes Pro-BDS Piece Calling Out CCFP
David Palumbo-Liu, a professor at Stanford University, recently wrote a piece for Salon in which he leveled two unfounded and libelous accusations at CCFP. We were accused of being funded by the Israeli government and accused of partially producing a video released by Carlos Santana, in which he expresses his excitement for his upcoming show in Israel. Neither had even a modicum of truth, and we were quick to demand and receive a retraction.

These inaccuracies, though very basic and very grave, are only the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the piece is loaded with distortions -- far too many to list. This is a symptom of the black and white world created and enforced by BDS, a political movement seeking to isolate Israel in the economic, diplomatic, academic, and cultural spheres. 

Don't Give BDS Undue Credit
It happens. Musicians get sick. Family issues arise. Logistical mistakes are made. Agents and promoters fight. Tickets don’t sell. There’s nothing to do about it – some concerts will simply be canceled. 

Only in Israel are such routine cancellations so often turned into political issues. Conflicting reasons were given for Pharrell's Tel Aviv cancellation. What wasn’t cited by anyone involved in booking Pharrell’s performance in Israel? BDS.
Read more. 
#BlackLivesMatter & Israel
The Movement for Black Lives released a policy reform platform created to support the ambitions of Black people, while including a statement calling Israel a perpetrator of “genocide” and an “apartheid state.” "[BLM] activists were co-opted into a global attempt to delegitimize and harm Israel and the Jewish people." Read more & Read Black religious leaders decry MBL’s anti- Israel platform.
Creative Community for Peace wishes all those who celebrate a happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year! 
The Chemical Brothers are set to perform in Tel Aviv on November 12th.

COPY, PASTE, & POST this message on social media accounts of scheduled artists: 

#Music knows no boundaries. Thank you for performing for your many fans in Israel! #LetTheMusicPlay @CCFPeace 
Artists scheduled to perform include: Armin Van BuurenThe StranglersThe Chemical Brothers and many many more. Find a full list here.

Let The Music

Creative Community for Peace is an organization comprised of prominent members of the entertainment industry dedicated to promoting the arts as a means to peace and to countering the cultural boycott of Israel. We may not all share the same politics or the same opinion on the best path to peace between Palestinians and Israelis. But we do agree that singling out Israel as a target of cultural boycotts will not further peace. We understand the power that our music, our films, our television shows, and all arts have. We encourage artists to participate, rather than shun, to express rather than suppress. If anything, turn up the music, expose our art to wider audiences, and encourage people from all cultures to interact, communicate and inspire peace and understanding. LIKE us on FacebookFOLLOW us on Twitter & InstagramSIGN our Anti-Boycott PetitionSUPPORT us with a

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