Supplemental information regarding CCP Activity Log 
This email is in response to several inquiries the CMLTA has received during the 2015 registration and MLT Practice Permit renewal season relating to the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) online Activity Log. In an effort to provide clarity and supplemental information in a timely manner you have received this email.
An often overlooked, yet fundamental component of the CCP is the recording of learning activities on the CCP Activity Log. The CCP Activity Log is required to validate learning activities in the event of a CCP Compliance Audit. While it is sufficient for Members to simply record and track the progress of Learning Objectives on their completed Learning Plan, the CCP Activity Log requests additional information to validate that learning activities were completed.
To highlight awareness and to emphasize the importance of maintaining a CCP Activity Log, the College developed an interactive online format for Members to record the information necessary to validate learning activities. The online CCP Activity Log guides Members to input and save the required data, identifies missing data fields, and prevents individuals from submitting an online CCP Activity Log until all missing fields have been satisfied. The online format also allows for the uploading of required supporting documentation and attachments when required; however, many learning activities are validated by simply completing the CCP Activity log. The online CCP Activity Log is available for the 2013 registration year and all subsequent years.
As announced in the May 2014 issue of The Commentator, commencing with the 2015 CCP Compliance Audits, the College will only accept CCP Activity Logs submitted using the online format.
What does this mean to me?
CCP Compliance Audits for registration years of 2014 and later will require the submission of a CCP Activity Log utilizing the online submission process only. This means that although some Members have already completed their 2014 CCP Activity Log on paper, if selected for a CCP Compliance Audit they would be required to complete a 2014 CCP Activity Log online.
Why did it become Mandatory to complete a CCP Activity Log online?
In 2014, audited Members were provided the option to submit the required CCP Compliance Audit documentation by hard copy or by utilizing the new online Compliance Audit process. Approximately half of all audited Members submitted their Compliance Audit documents, in part or whole, through the online process. Those Members who utilized the online program were unanimously in favor of it, and commented on how simple it was to navigate once they sat down with an open mind to give it a try. In addition to the positive Member feedback, the online CCP Compliance Audit resulted in a streamlined process for the College and a decreased processing time. This was due to Members being guided using a step-by-step process during the online CCP Compliance Audit as to which documentation the College actually needed - rather than submitting excess or unnecessary information. The decreased paper flow allowed staff more time to field phone calls or emails from Member with questions regarding the CCP Compliance Audit. For these reasons, the College instituted mandatory online submission of all CCP Compliance Audits.
When can I access my 2015 CCP Activity Log?
The 2015 CCP Activity Log becomes available for data entries once a Member has submitted their 2015 online renewal.
I completed my online CCP Activity Log, but I cannot figure out how to submit it to the College?
Members are encouraged to complete the CCP Activity Log in real-time; however, the submission of the CCP Activity Log is enabled only when a Member is selected for a CCP Compliance Audit
What if I am selected for a three year audit?
The College online Activity Log only permits data entries beginning with a 2013 Learning Plan. As it is possible to be selected for a CCP Compliance Audit for up to the previous five registration years, the College would allow hard copy submissions for registration years prior to 2013.
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