Shows take center stage while Kevin stays focused in the studio, adds new videos and makes headlines ....
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March 2015
Shows take center stage while Kevin stays focused in the studio, adds new videos and makes headlines: Now news ....

Kevin has a busy spring show schedule. "It's wonderful to have my work seen in so many places at once," Kevin says."It's a bit of a juggling act, too, but a good one." More information about each show can be seen on the Events page.

Oculum, one of Kevin's 3D printed sculptures with a patina, just headed to New York City for the show "Immagini." It runs Monday, March 23 through Monday, March 30. The opening reception for this juried show, which is being held at the Site/109 Gallery on Manhattan's Lower East Side, is Saturday, March 28, 4 - 7 p.m. Only 80 pieces were chosen Opening night at Kevin Caron's art show "Slash, Swoop, Swerve"from the 340 submitted. "It's always an honor to have a work in a New York show," says Kevin.

Currently under way is Kevin's one-person show "Slash, Swoop, Swerve" at Central Arizona College in Coolidge, Arizona (equidistant between Phoenix and Tucson). Its March 10 opening (left) was well attended by students and other visitors. "They had such interesting questions," says Kevin. One student, who is interested in math and science, said that this was the first art show that really spoke to him. Others commented on the range of the sculptures. The show is anchored by 9-foot-tall Cosmography, while other sculptures vary in size and materials. The show runs through Friday, April 24.

Upcoming is the show "Action, Excitement, Entertainment" that opens Friday, March 27. Kevin's kinetic sculpture Tiny Tess will be in this juried show, which will be held at downtown Phoenix's Herberger Center. "This is a really unusual kinetic sculpture," says Kevin. "The sculpture's look changes dramatically depending upon which exterior ball it is balanced on." See for yourself on Tiny Tess's own page.

Opening Friday, April 10 is the Southwestern Invitational Inaugural show at the Yuma Art Center in Yuma, Arizona. The show features Kevin's sculpture Cyclone. This venerable traveling show also will display work in five other Arizona venues.

Find more information about these and other shows below in the Events Calendar and on the site's Events page.


Kevin Caron's 3D printed jewelry in Phoenix Home & GardenPhoenix Home & Garden magazine, which has devoted subscribers from coast to coast, featured some of Kevin's jewelry in its March issue.

"They came to us about including the jewelry," says studio business and marketing manager Mary Westheimer. "That's a good indication of interest in Kevin's iconic jewelry." The article that accompanies the photos shares more about the origin of  the designs.

Renaissance, the publication of the Art Renaissance Initiative, also featured a long article about Kevin's adventures with 3D printing. He spoke at the group's monthly luncheon on February 12. "People are just fascinated with this technology, and for good reason," says Kevin. "It is already changing our lives, and we've only seen a glimpse of its promise."


Curtains, a sculptural privacy screen by Kevin CaronWith the commissioned sculpture Portal now installed (see photos of it in place on its own page), Kevin has been working on a large new commission called Curtains (partial, left).

"It's a privacy screen, which explains the title," Kevin says. This large and complex project includes 16 panels, each of which is powder-coated, then painted selectively. Kevin and his assistant Zac have completed almost all of the panels - the next stop will be the powder coater.  Watch this project develop and see a rendering of the design on its own page.

Kevin has also just begun another commission. Sound Tree, which Kevin is welding in the opening photo, is a sound sculpture headed for the residence of a Michigan family. "It will be installed in a wooded area, so it will fit right in with the trees and the birds," observes Kevin. Watch Sound Tree grow on its own page. 

You can always see what Kevin is up to in Works in Progress on the Web site - it's updated often.


From Kevin Caron's blog on 3D printingLately, Kevin has been playing with his CubeX 3D printer, the first of the three 3D printers he acquired. "Each printer has its own capabilities and personality," he says.

The CubeX has a little wider tray than the Cerberus 3D 250, and it's a little easier to work with than the Gigante, so he decided to use it to create a holder for the new touch screen on the Gigante.

Well, that was the idea, anyway. He ran into some problems that should have hit him over the head, but, as he discusses in the latest post on his blog "A Sculptor's Take on 3D Printing," sometimes the simplest answer is blindingly obvious ....

Read more about the evolving world of 3D printing at


  • Today - April 24 (Friday), Coolidge, Arizona - "Slash, Swoop, Swerve," Kevin's one-person show in Central Arizona College's Visual Arts Gallery.
  • Oculum, a 3D printed sculpture by Kevin CaronMarch 23 (Monday) - March 30 (Monday), New York, New York - "Immagini: Images of Italy" features Kevin's 3D printed sculpture Oculum (right) (Kevin will not be present).
  • March 27 (Friday) - April 27 (Monday), Phoenix, Arizona - Kevin's sculpture Tiny Tess will be shown at the Herberger Theater Center Gallery in the show "Action, Excitement and Entertainment." Kevin will be present at the March 27 opening.
  • April 4 (Saturday), Phoenix, Arizona - Dick Wright's Mesa Community College art welding class visits Kevin's studio.
  • April 10 (Friday) - May 30 (Saturday), Yuma, Arizona - The inaugural show of the juried Southwestern Invitational. Kevin's sculpture Cyclone is part of this show, which travels to five other Arizona cities.
  • April 12 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Kevin and Steve Graber of Cereberus 3D, which built Kevin's Gigante 3D printer, will share the art and science of 3D printing with members of Spirit of the Senses, a group that provides creative stimulation about ideas, design and expression.
  • April 25 (Saturday), Scottsdale, Arizona - The 29th annual "Dinner on the Desert" benefit auction for Desert Botanical Garden will include one of Kevin's Shitake Agaves. For more information: 480-481-8115.
  • October 4 (Sunday), Phoenix, Arizona - Open Studio at Kevin Caron Studios, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., by appointment only. Contact us at or 602-952-8767 to schedule your visit.
For more information about these events, please visit the Events page.


Until the West Coast dock strike, the AHP AlphaTIG 200X TIG welder was selling like crazy. The strike, however, brought things to as solid a stop as a bad tungsten. "The entire container full of welders sold out before the container finally got off the ship," says Kevin.

Kevin is now taking orders for the next container full of welders, which is expected in about 2-1/2 weeks, and he is still answering new owners' questions about the machine as well as covering some other subjects of interest ....

Please enjoy these videos that have been released since the last newsletter:

oil canWD-40 is a staple in every workshop, but most people might be surprised that it probably shouldn't be the first thing you reach for when you need to lubricate something. The WD-40 Web site has a list of more than 2000 uses for this miracle spray, but it is first and foremost a penetrating oil, so it actually dissolves grease. That makes it helpful to clean out areas that need to move more smoothly and it will work as a light lubricant for a short time, but if you really want to make something move easily, you're much better off reaching for an oil can or grease gun.


Hangin', a contemporary sound sculpture by Kevin CaronA Scottsdale, Arizona, couple just purchased the sound sculpture Hangin'.

Maybe it's your turn to own a Kevin Caron sculpture. 
A sound, water, site-specific or free-standing sculpture will add immeasurable joy and peace to your home or workplace.

Large or small, practical, fanciful or just plain beautiful, they also make wonderful gifts.

If you'd like Kevin to create a special something for you or a friend, just email or call 602-952-8767 to arrange for a
private consultation.
For more frequent news, sights and sounds, keep an eye on Kevin's Web site at - we update it often - or "like" the studio Facebook page.
Kevin Caron - 5831 N. 46th Pl. - Phoenix AZ 85018-1236
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"Inspired sculpture for public & private spaces"

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