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Joint ICLRD & CCBS Conference 29-30 January 2015
Shared Services, Shared Opportunities: New Models of Public Sector Collaboration and Partnership

The annual ICLRD & CCBS conference will take place in the Killyhevlin Hotel, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, 29-30 January 2015. The conference will focus on the issue of shared services and will explore the opportunities for local authorities and public sector organisations to collaborate to ensure more effective service delivery for citizens. Confirmed conference speakers include Greg Lloyd, Emeritus Professor at the University of Ulster, Martin Guillermo, Secretary General of the Association of European Border Regions, and Conor Murphy, Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units, Maynooth University.

The full conference programme will be available on the ICLRD and CCBS websites in the beginning of December, together with pricing and booking details. 

Mentoring in Macedonia
CCBS Director Ruth Taillon spent three days in Skopje, Macedonia, at the end of October with support from the Euclid Network Peer Exchange Programme. The Euclid Network connects members from more than 40 countries from across Europe for a more innovative, professional and sustainable European civil society. The Peer Exchange was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 
Our partner in Macedonia was the FORUM – Centre for Strategic Research and Documentation. Forum-CSRD is the leading Macedonian non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to exploring the political and strategic aspects of current solutions and innovative national regional and European issues. The Centre has an important role in strengthening the role of civil society and increasing its influence on the formation of national policies and the creation of policies aimed at achieving the standards required for Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. (Macedonia is an EU-candidate country.) 
While in Skopje, Ruth worked with FORUM Executive Director Slagjan Penev (who visited CCBS earlier this year) on a project proposal to support increased civil society organisations’ participation in decision-making processes in municipalities and enhanced transparency in creating municipal and regional development plans/strategies and to encourage citizens to control how these plans are implemented. The proposed project aims is to create network of watchdog monitors which will be ready to react to any bad practice or poor performance of the authorities and administration in local and central government. 

Implications of UK withdrawal from the EU
Ruth Taillon was one of the speakers at an event in Strabane on 14 November, hosted by Sinn Fein MP Pat Doherty and MEP Martina Anderson on the implications of a UK withdrawal from the EU. The talk focused on implications for the economy, regional development, social and economic cohesion, workers’ and citizens’ rights, and North-South relations.

Obstacles to cross-border mobility
Border People briefing papers on obstacles to cross-border mobility are now available for download. They highlight issues with cross-border claims for family benefits, lack of recognition of second level qualifications in third level institutions and difficulties with cross-border taxation. The provision of cross-border information in other European border regions is also explored. Click here for more information.

Sector News & Events

Scholars at Risk (SAR)
News and updates will be posted on the SAR section of the Universities Ireland website regularly.

Scholars at Risk Ireland Section 
Please join us at the launch of SAR Ireland Section’s Coordinating Committee Global Room, Trinity College Dublin at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 10 December 2014
This event will be addressed by: Dr Michael Murphy, President, Universities Ireland; Mr Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Iran; Iranian feminist and human rights defender, Ms Shadi Sadr; Ms Sinead O’Gorman, European Director, SAR; and Professor Roja Fazaeli, Trinity College Dublin.  For more details, please see attached schedule.
Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of higher education institutions dedicated to protecting threatened scholars, preventing attacks on higher education communities and promoting academic freedom worldwide. Universities Ireland is the Irish Section of Scholars at Risk.  Over the past number of years, Irish universities in both jurisdictions have provided placements for several scholars who have needed to leave their own countries and some of these scholars have received financial assistance from Universities Ireland. While a number of individuals working and studying at Irish universities have also been engaged in other activities in support of SAR, until now this has not been coordinated across the academic community. The SAR coordinating committee will now take forward a shared programme of work in each of the ten Universities Ireland member institutions.
If you are able to attend please click here to register online or contact Claire Toner

Cross-Border Education
SCoTENS Seed Funding Applications 2015-2016

In line with its objective of providing a supportive framework for collaborative research and professional activities in teacher education in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the Standing Conference on Teacher Education North and South (SCoTENS) provides ‘SEED FUNDING’ for projects such as research, conferences and exchanges which further this objective.
We are delighted to announce that the SCoTENS Seed Funding Call for 2015-2016 has now opened. Please click here to download an application form.
As the funding is for a collaborative project,  a minimum of 2 partners is required, with at least one of the partners coming from each jurisdiction, north and south. The application has to be for a joint project to secure funding.
SCoTENS will assist any SCoTENS members that are seeking a partner from the other jurisdiction through our matching service.  There is more information available on the matching service here.
Please note that all queries and applications should be sent to Ruth Taillon, Secretary, SCoTENS at the Centre for Cross Border Studies at or on 028 3751 1550 (048 from the South).
The closing date for this round of applications is 13th February 2015. Only applications submitted by this date will be considered.

2015 ‘Decade of Centenaries’ all-island schools history competition

Entries are being sought for the 2015 ‘Decade of Centenaries’ all-island schools history competition. The competition is sponsored by Mercier Press and is open to primary and post-primary students from across Ireland. The deadline for receipt of completed projects is 3 April 2015. Projects can be submitted by a class, a group of students, or an individual student. 

Prizes will be awarded to the best primary and post-primary project in each category. Schools and students are invited to submit a project that relates to any aspect of the school history curriculum. The topic selected can relate to any aspect of Irish or international history that is covered in the history curriculum. However, projects must relate to one of the following four categories: 

‘Decade of Centenaries’ – a study of an individual, event or development that relates to the period 1912-1922. (Entries submitted under this category must be related to or impact on Irish history in this period);
Biography – a study of an individual person;
Local or regional issues – a study of a particular historical event that affected your local or regional area; or
National issues – a study of an event or development that affected the island, including social and cultural history, ‘women in history’ etc.
For further information click here.


Cross-Border News

Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation

The website of the Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation project has recently gone ‘live’ at –

‘Border Roads to Memories and Reconciliation’ gave residents along both sides of the border an opportunity to remember and express their feelings in relation to the closure of border roads and the impact that it had on their lives. The project digitally recorded 149 interviews and linked these accounts with recovered photographs taken at the time of the road closures and newspaper articles that covered the events. A number of showcase events in October and November provided an opportunity for the team to introduce the project’s interactive website to people across the border counties. CCBS Director, Ruth Taillon was guest speaker at the 6 November event in Enniskillen. At the event she praised the project, saying, “I believe that it is a very important piece of work that will be a priceless resource for many years to come. ... This project has …  allowed people, many for the first time, to tell their stories and for those stories to be heard. It has already made a real contribution to better understanding within and across communities. But more importantly, it’s now here as a resource for others who want to rebuild those broken relationships and the reverse the isolation and the social and economic decline of border communities. ... People need to know about it. People need to use it and hopefully build upon it. So thank you again, to all those who worked so hard to make it happen.“

Cross-Border Events

CARDI: Leadership Call Now Open
On Friday 31 October 2014 CARDI launched a new Call for Fellows under its Leadership Programme in Ageing Research. It will fund the full-time salaries for three years of up to four research Fellows. In collaboration with the American Federation for Aging Research’s Paul Beeson Awards, CARDI is seeking top quality post-doctoral researchers for this programme which is  designed to develop outstanding leaders in ageing research. The new call is open until Friday 30 January 2015 and full terms of reference and application procedures are available here. If you have a query please email

Future directions and collective strengths in dementia research
CARDI in collaboration with the Irish Network for Research in Dementia and Nuerodegeneration, the Alzheimer's Society (NI) and the Alzheimer's Society of Ireland will host a free networking and information event entitled  Future directions and collective strengths in dementia research on Friday 12 December 2014 in Dublin. The event will bring together researchers and funders to explore current and future directions in dementia research in Ireland, North and South. For more details click here. As places are becoming limited we recommend you reserve your place as soon as possible by emailing
Book Launch:
The European Union and Peacebuilding - 
The Cross-Border Dimension
Cathal McCall
Thursday, 11 December @ 6.30pm
Kiln & Loom
387 Ormeau Road
About the book:
The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union in 2012 was a reminder of the
role of European integration in peacebuilding after the Second World War. For the 'Founding Fathers' of the European integration project, cross-border-cooperation was an integral element in building Europe's peace. Yet, in a Western Europe largely at peace for generations, peacebuilding as a relevant objective for European integration may be questioned. Moreover, the contribution of cross-border cooperation to conflict amelioration may be challenged on the grounds of its overwhelming economic focus. However, enlargement into Central Eastern Europe highlights once again the necessity of a peacebuilding objective for the European Union because of the multitude of real and potential conflicts encompassed within its expanded policy orbit. Drawing on evidence from selected 'borderscapes', this study examines 25 years of European Union cross-border cooperation as conflict amelioration and assesses its prospects in a political climate that emphasises borders as security barriers.


Focus on...Influenza and older people

Influenza is the leading cause of death from infectious disease among older people. This edition of the CARDI “Focus on . . .” series examines influenza issues on the island of Ireland and what steps can be taken to reduce the incidence among older people. Read it here.

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