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Breaking the Disease Triangle: An Integrated Approach to Disease Management

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

12:00-1:30 pm ET
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Webinar Description:
Perhaps the most fundamental representation of plant disease occurrence is the disease triangle.  In most all introduction to plant pathology courses this is introduced within the first week and then quickly forgotten soon afterwards.  However, knowing how to manipulate hosts, environments, and pathogens is at the base of any integrated disease management program.  The webinar will discuss an array of tactics available to growers to address and suppress some of the most problematic vegetable diseases in the Commonwealth.

About Dr. Rideout:

Dr. Steve Rideout is a Professor of Plant Pathology within Virginia Tech's School of Plant and Environmental Sciences.  Steve was born on a family farm in Dinwiddie County and is an alum of NC State, Virginia Tech, and University of Georgia.  He started his tenure with Virginia Tech in 2005 at the Eastern Shore Ag. Res. and Ed. Center (ESAREC).  He served as the ESAREC's director from 2011-2020, before relocating to Blacksburg in July 2020.  Since 2005, Steve has served as the Commonwealth's research and extension vegetable plant pathologist focusing on all aspects of plant disease management.  In 2018, Steve received a 'Distinguished Service' Award from the Association of Virginia Potato and Vegetable Growers.
Soil Health From The Grazier's Perspective

Thursday, April 8, 2021

12:00-1:30 pm ET
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Webinar Description:
Building soil through animals as the intermediary is an entirely different paradigm than that of crop production.  Within the nexus of the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants is the sweet spot for soil generation and regeneration.  True permaculture always includes animals, and within a rotational grazing system, ruminants shine as the drivers of humus building—the long-lasting form of biomass, carbon, and water sequestration.  The beauty of tapping into natural trophic cascades is that when raising meat with an emphasis on soil building, we can provide unmatched nutritional food while never plowing, never spraying a single herbicide, pesticide, or fungicide, and never spraying any fertilizer—commercial or organic.  This webinar will not be so much a how-to, as it will be a call to shift our understanding of our ecosystems in order to inform our strategic points of entry into these abundant systems.  

Cedric Shannon and Weathertop Farm

Cedric Shannon, with his wife, Sarah, own and operate Weathertop Farm, LLC.  Through rotational grazing, they raise sheep, cows, hogs, layers, broilers, turkeys, and occasionally some duck.  All animals get rotated through the pastures in one form or another, providing delicious and nutritious meat, all while improving and building the soil—the true foundation of the whole operation.  Cedric also has a small podcast called Can Your Beans Do That?, and writes on under the handle Farmer Sledge.  The website can give you a tour of the operation, as well as links to Cedric’s writings and podcast. 
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