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Kenya is in a drought disaster

MLW are sending out this Urgent Appeal for emergency funds to help save lives.

On the 10th February 2017 the Kenya Government declared a national drought emergency with 23 out of 47 counties affected. The number of food insecure people has more than doubled from 1.3 million to 2.7 million Some 357,285 children and pregnant lactating mothers are actually malnourished. To see more of this report click here to visit our website.

Bore Holes 

MLW have a report in from Pastor Donald Mzungu in the South of the country who we have worked closely with since 2008, he said this;  We are all well and doing okay with life though it’s a very rough time for most of our families at the moment due to the persistent drought that has been affecting most parts of our country-Shariani and the neighbourhood villages included.

There is absolutely no grass for the animals or food in the fields so many of our animals are dying. Many families are starving for no food and there being no work so people cannot have money to buy food. It’s been so tough on most places in the village as people cannot access water and have a problem getting food, there has been no significant during 2016, the crops have failed and as a result he told me, some families where we have worked together are literally starving,  MLW have sent some emergency aid to this area and we are currently drilling 3 bore holes  in the hardest hit villages to access much needed lifesaving water.  (Some pictures below of the drilling work for Bore holes and the type of hand pumps we plan to provide)
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People and cattle have already died in this drought...

In the North West Rift Valley area where we have been working since 2012 we had a shocking update report yesterday  11thApril 17. Speaking to Bishop Peter Simwa from the Higher Vision Centre Eldoret, who we work closely with, he told me that some families have now actually died of starvation in this area, many cattle have died and much of peoples days are spent searching for water. Their core food stuff such as maize has gone up over 120% since Nov 2016, flour has gone up over 66% in the same period making it hard for people to buy food to eat. In Eldoret they have only had 2 days rain since November 2016, He sent these shocking pictures below. (Pictures from Rift Valley Area)
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People drinking dirty water...

Some people are drinking dirty water taken from where ever it is found available, they let the mud settle to the bottom of in containers and share what water they can find between people and cattle alike. There is a desperate need for clean drinking water, this scene below is to desperate for words.
Bishop Peter Simwa wrote this to me yesterday 11thApril;  It has been 1 year since they had rains in some areas,  In Eldoret it has been dry since November, The taps have run dry and also the rivers are drying up now, we pray and believe it will start raining very soon. As a result of drought in western Kenya the crop that was planted is being destroyed by Armyworms and the price of food has doubled.

Many families are starving and animals are dying. In some areas human lives have been lost and the only hope is Jesus.

MLW desperately need your help to assist people we know well and many others who struggle with them.

  • Core needs are Water, Maize, Flour
  • Water is currently 4000 Kenya shillings for 3000 litres  (£35.00)
  • Maze is 4000.00 KS for 90 Kilo bags  (£35.00)
  • Flour is 150.00 KS for 2 kilos bags  £1.25
  • One Bore Hole and hand pump is costing £1,400 at the current exchange rate.
Please e mail us at for our bank details if you wish to make a donation.

Alternatively you can donate using our donate page on our web site  This is the most earnest appeal MLW have put out since we were established. Please help us to save lives today. Thank you.
'For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in;'

Mathew 25:35-40
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