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What a year!

As we draw to the close of 2012 I am so amazed to look back at all that has been achieved this year. 

Summary of the year’s events

  • We have run 4 crusades through the year sharing the gospel over nearly 70 kilometre’s
  • Well over 200 people have professed Jesus Christ as their Lord and saviour
  • Hundreds have been healed from all kinds of decease
  • We have started a nursery school at the Takaye
    Church for the under fives

  • Provided new bibles in Takaye Church and
    nursery school

  • We have taken a metered water supply into Takaye
    and Electricity into the Church

  • The chicken project has been started to help feed Widows
    and Orphan children, this is a work in progress

  • Foundations have been started to the House of prayer (VHOP)
The year has not been without its challenges, but we have seen so much fruit it has given us great cause for celebration.  

Takaye Crusade March 2012       

We have now started our first chicken project in Takaye, as it grows this will help to feed widows and orphans in the area. 

Under construction - the chicken coop in Takaye 3rd Dec 2012 

We plan to fence the building off when it’s finished and introduce our first stock in the New Year.

The Banquet Table. Luke 14:12-14

We held a luncheon meal at Takaye, we invited the poor, the sick, and the lost. We gave them the gospel and then shared a meal together. Over 20 precious people gave their lives to the Lord at this gathering on the 15th December and the sick were healed.
We give God praise. 

Not all these children eat every day, so what a blessing to them this day has been.

Pastor Rachel says....

"We still carry on with the door to door evangelism, I have seen many people coming to seek for prayers. It is wonderful to see all these things happening, The Lord’s Banquet was very wonderful, at 11:00 am the crusade began, the service was so powerful, More than 20 people gave their lives to the Lord, and a child who was dying was made well"

Thank you for your faithful support

It is a great privilege to serve in such communities. We could not do this without your valued support. We are literally seeing lives changed and the community touched through the Power of the Gospel as we "Go", through faith and practical works combined Takaye is being changed. There are other areas to reach and your continued support is so important to us, please consider a Christmas gift to strengthen this work as we approach the New Year and all its promise.  You can give online via our web site at

Ian Curwood

I've been a Christian since Novemeber  2002,  I first went to Kenya Africa as a speaker in Feburary 2008.

During that visit many un-scheduled meetings took place, one of them took me to a place called Milano in Malindi near to the equator. I went to see a new church that a local pastor was trying to build, he was a very humble man and wanted to serve his local community. When I arrived and saw the poverty that he and his family were living in I was shocked, it wasn't what I expected to see, yet he didn't ask me for money, he only asked me for prayer.

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We need your help!

A little goes a long way in Kenya, these are some current costs to the Trust to give you an idea:

A Childs nursery fees
= £5.00 per month

To feed a child at Nursery school each day 
= £1.25 per week

A Childs Bible 
= £7.00 each 

Chickens to help feed widows and orphans
= £6.90 each

Cockerel’s  to help feed widows and orphans
= £9.60 each

Building blocks
= £0.35p each

A Bag of cement
= £6.90

Corrugated roof sheet
= £12.50
We are so grateful to all who have supported us, the amazing un seen prayer teams behind the work, all those who have given so generously, thank you. The work and the harvest are ready , so we appreciate your continued support in prayers as well as your valuable financial support  which helps  us so much in completing  projects like those shared here and more.                  

God bless you

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If you would like to support us in regular giving please click here.
Thank you so much
Ian Curwood

Free Water Via a bore hole

I also aim to try and provide a bore hole to provide free clean drinking water to this project; this will have many practical benefits.  It quite a big goal for us, but I believe it is achievable with your support. 

Evangelism 2013

It is our aim to reach new areas in the coming year with the gospel, we will work to strengthen the Takaye church in Malindi and support them in winning the lost and feeding the poor and healing the sick.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you & your families all a very Happy Christmas and a blessed and healthy 2013. Thank you for your continued support.

Ian Curwood
Mission Living Waters


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