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Welcome to
Mission Living Waters

Dear Friends, what an amazing year 2012 has been, a real mile stone in the life of Mission Living Waters, we are now a registered charitable trust.  Also, the direction of the work we are doing has gained some real clarity during this year.

What started in 2008 as a one off visit has developed into a mission field that has now spread over nearly seventy kilometres in its reach. In the first three years we built  two new church buildings, a pastors house, and some church toilets creating an infrastructure and base in the Malindi area where people are now hearing and receiving  the gospel of salvation, the first Church building was in Milano and the second in Takaye. Both buildings seat around 250 people, the Church buildings are also used for the teaching of children during the week.

Pastor Rachel in front of the new Takaye church building which is also used as a nursery school.

Takaye is where we are currently working with pastor Rachel (pictured above). She is nearing completion of her second year in bible college. As pastor of the Takaye Church she says her heart is to reach the children, feed the widows and orphan children, the sick and the poorest in her community. Mission Living Waters is supporting the Pastor in each aspect of this work, including giving nursery children a start in education, a knowledge of God, and a hope for the future.

Hundreds healed & many saved in 2012 Crusades

This March I travelled to Kenya with my good friends,  David Hall and Paul Verheul, for a series of three outside crusades, taking the gospel into some of the interior villages. What a great privilege for me to travel this time with friends, anointed men of God, and minister as part of a team. The meetings had taken 5 months to set up and were a huge success. We saw hundreds of people healed and many delivered from demonic spirits as we travelled from Takaye in the North at Malindi, then south through Musamarini until finally reaching the last crusade in the Vipingo village, close to the Mombasa area near  Shariani.  In Shariani we had a fantastic celebration with all the Church there ,  and our team and friends from Kenya  that had travelled with us and worked so hard over many days.

Click to watch Video   |   Burning witchcraft    |    Takaye crusade

The night we arrived in Kenya a 9 year old boy who had been born blind in his left eye was healed, what encouragement as we sat outside during supper, just the most amazing miracle, the first of many that stamped God's authority and His grace and loving kindness on this mission. A simple prayer of faith saw a young boy have his sight restored. During the crusades in the three weeks that followed, we saw the lame walk, a woman who was totally blind received her sight, a child born mute was healed and cried allowed for the first time at nearly 4 years old. There were hundreds more healed of many deceases, you can read and see more on the website, about 180 received Jesus as their Lord and saviour and there was much celebration and dancing as God revealed Himself in Power In these small village crusades.

The Gospel & practical works

We are now building a house of prayer in the Vipingo Village (Vhop) there is a strong anointing on people in this place for prayer and intercession, the team already prays for Israel and the nations. Benjamin the team leader houses the sick in his tiny two room house; many miracles come through this amazing ministry. People stay, sometimes for weeks or a month at a time and leave healed, made whole and changed forever. We have the most amazing plot of land God has provided. A team of intercessors in the Netherlands were suddenly lead to pray for land in Africa, not knowing why they simply prayed as they were lead, the next day I had a phone call from Kenya offering me prime land for an amazing price. The land 37mtr x 22 mtr will house VHOP and in time a toilet block as well as providing good farming land for the future.

Foundations have now been dug and work has started on building VHOP, this is a big project for us but we know it is God who brought it forward, so we are stepping out in faith knowing many will be saved and many will be healed through this amazing ministry.

Ian Curwood

I've been a Christian since Novemeber  2002,  I first went to Kenya Africa as a speaker in Feburary 2008.

During that visit many un-scheduled meetings took place, one of them took me to a place called Milano in Malindi near to the equator. I went to see a new church that a local pastor was trying to build, he was a very humble man and wanted to serve his local community. When I arrived and saw the poverty that he and his family were living in I was shocked, it wasn't what I expected to see, yet he didn't ask me for money, he only asked me for prayer.

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We need your help!

A little goes a long way in Kenya, these are some current costs to the Trust to give you an idea:

A Childs nursery fees
= £5.00 per month

To feed a child at Nursery school each day 
= £1.25 per week

A Childs Bible 
= £7.00 each 

Chickens to help feed widows and orphans
= £6.90 each

Cockerel’s  to help feed widows and orphans
= £9.60 each

Building blocks
= £0.35p each

A Bag of cement
= £6.90

Corrugated roof sheet
= £12.50
We are so grateful to all who have supported us, the amazing un seen prayer teams behind the work, all those who have given so generously, thank you. The work and the harvest are ready , so we appreciate your continued support in prayers as well as your valuable financial support  which helps  us so much in completing  projects like those shared here and more.                  

God bless you

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Thank you so much
Ian Curwood

Clean Water for Takaye

During this summer we have had a water connection made to Takaye, which means woman don’t have to carry so many heavy containers on their heads for miles each day to collect water, the long term effect of this is often neck damage, it is our hope to drill a bore whole when we can so they have free access to clean water.

Click Here for more information on the bore hole project aim.
We also have electricity wired in the Takaye Church now and some fans installed, this makes a big difference in the extreme heat ,  I can testify! 

Feeding Widows & Orphans

There are widows and orphans in the Takaye area who are unable to eat every day because they don’t have the means. The MLW trust’s new project is to start a small Chicken farm this year; I have help offered from a University manager in Kenya called Stephen. He has agreed to come and teach how to set up and run such a project. As the chickens breed they will be distributed to the poorest families by pastor Rachel, Stephen will then teach these people how to look after the chickens so they breed and lay well to create a small income, 10% of all production will go back to the church in Takaye so its stock will grow to help others. The cost of setting up one such small holding is £500.00 and the running costs are £40.00 per month.


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