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Happy New Year from
Mission Living Waters

What an amazing year 2013 turned out to be. God opened many new doors for us, we saw many Lives changed through the Power of the Gospel. From the coast of Kenya in the South East to the Rift valley in the North West we saw God move in Power over two trips. There were great healings and many salvations. We give all glory to God.


A summary of the years events:  


During 2013 we saw over 1200 people say YES to Jesus and receive  Him as their personal  Lord and Saviour as we preached  the Gospel and shared  testimonies.  For the first time there were two separate trips to Kenya in the same year. The first was in August  to the Rift Valley area near the Uganda boarder, the second trip was on the South East coast. Both trips were a huge success as God blessed us with signs, healings and many salvations. I thank God for the amazing fruit He has given and give Him all the glory. 

CLICK HERE to see more photos of the Crusades.

Practical Faith

In July we assisted 9 families who lost their homes and all their possession’s in a fire in Eldoret where I was invited as a speaker, since that time M.L.W. have assisted them in getting re housed through the Church in Eldoret. We have also assisted the Eldoret Church (Higher Vision Centre) in securing some land to relocate their church building on after the land they rented was sold.  The Church called (Higher Vision Centre) are winning many young people to Christ. As Mission Living Waters have secured this prime site for the Church in Eldoret centre, it has given them a firm foundation to build on and continue reaching their community for Christ.    

CLICK HERE to see more photos of Eldoret.

Support to Mission Living Waters 

Through the support of Evangelist Terisea Wairimu of  F. E .M. ministries, we have been able to supply many Bibles and articles of clothing to help the poor in Takaye, one of the locations we are working in.


Prayer House

On October 16th we held a special service in Vipingo Mombasa to open the Vhop House of prayer we have been building,  this is our last planned building project.

CLICK HERE to see more photos of Vhop House of prayer.

Our Education Project

M.L.W. have assisted 7 bright young students  to help them complete their secondary school education so they can progress onto work or university. Many are bright enough to follow career courses such as Doctors, Laywers, Engineers, and other professional degree courses if they can access Education.

Educate a Secondary School Student: CLICK HERE to read more


My sincere thanks to everyone who have so generously supported us in the work we are called to. Preaching the gospel of salvation, helping the poor widows and orphans,  and assisting those we can to gain Education, this is key for such small village communities, many of these young people are capable of becoming tomorrows Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and helping their own communities in the future, if we can give them a chance through gaining good education now

Ian Curwood
Mission Living Waters


Ian Curwood

I've been a Christian since November 2002,  I first went to Kenya, Africa as a speaker in February 2008

Mission Living Waters trust was registered in 2012. The primary purpose of Mission Living Waters is Evangelism, to share the gospel and see lives changed by its Power. To see people saved and integrated into living Church’s. Every year we assist the local Church to run, Gospel Crusades, Youth outreach events, Christmas meals for the poor and many events in which have seen so many people reached, healed & their lives changed for the good forever.   Every £1.00 you can support us with expands the range of how effective we can be.  Click here to email Ian

We need your help

With our project of education for bright young students, and with our ongoing commitment to Evangelist Crusades reaching the lost. 

A Childs weekly food at School
= £2.00 each 

Chickens to help feed widows and orphans
= £2.50 each

Costs to preach the Gospel. In 2013 we had to replace our sound system. Your support is of great value to us.

A big thank you to all our unseen supporters, the amazing prayer teams who give up so much time as we go. God bless you all.

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Thank you so much
Ian Curwood





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