3, 2, 1... The LLLWeek2015 is launched!


Welcome to the LLLWeek!

Today we launch the Lifelong Learning Week 2015, an annual event that gives major educational actors, stakeholders and European institutions, the opportunity to meet, share, and discuss the future of learning in Europe.
During this last year, milestone in the Lifelong Learning Platform's life since we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, our work has focused on the social and transversal dimension of education, skills and competences, but also digital learning, with the constant concern of ensuring quality education. And our call for a holistic vision of education has rarely been so accurate.
This 5th edition starts only days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, but let's not forget Bamako, Tunis, or Kabul; let's not either forget the victims of previous attacks, in Lebanon, Morrocco, in Europe and the world.
As educators and civil society representatives, we stand in awe before these happenings. Not because we doubt our vision or the kind of education we promote, but because we believe common projects, educational policies, both taking into account the many actors at multiple levels, can help us answer the challenges of the future.
Europe finds itself in front of a very big threat, and must make real choices. The Paris Declaration is one step, and we supported it. We are also supportive of the Commission's plan to implement new programs with new priorities. But we need the Commission's commitment, as well as the Member States', to grow deeper into building integrated positions.
As platform gathering 39 networks, we are going to pursue our daily efforts; we are going to continue advocating for a holistic vision of education; and we are going to repeat, again and again and in our loudest voice, that education and social justice are the weapons with which we will win the war for an inclusive, united, prepared and open society
Reality has never shown us with such clarity how an education for democracy and peace is the key to beat the nationalisms and fundamentalisms that threaten our freedom.
So, as democrats, we declare the LLLWeek2015 open!

David Lopez, LLLPlatform President

Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, LLLPlatform Secretary General

The LLLWeek's 5th Edition

The 2015 week constitutes a milestone for several reasons. First, because the LLLPlatform is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Second, because 2015 will be remembered as a year during which fundamental values and citizenship were repeatedly challenged, reminding all of the crucial role education has to play in defeating the enemy ideas to social cohesion, tolerance and democracy.

 3 Debates in the European Parliament

 More discussions, debates and receptions!

The week will also be the opportunity to discuss the wide range of issues that affect education in 2015, due to new technologies or globalisation for instance, and what learners, educators and policy-makers should do to adapt education and make lifelong learning a reality for all!

Debates, round tables, field visits... will take place in and out of the Parliament, thanks to the support of the Platform's members! 


 Visit us in the Exhibit area in the Parliament

The Platform and its members will also be present on the 5th Floor in the Altiero Spinelli Building, where you will be able to get information about lifelong learning policies, projects and activities, get valuable insight, or sit down for a cup of coffee and chat!

You can find more information about the event on our website. 
Do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat directly.

We look forward to welcoming you at our event and building the future of learning together with you!

N.B: Please note that due to EU Parliament Security Rules, you must be registered in order to access the building. These same Rules require to register seperately for each event. Thank you for your comprehension.

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