EUCIS-LLL organises its 3rd Lifelong Learning Week in the European Parliament, Brussels, from 2 to 6 December 2013. This year, the Week will have a particular focus on the upcoming European Elections of Spring 2014. At this occasion EUCIS-LLL will launch its Manifesto for the European elections and more than 10 events (see the calendar) will take place. This will be a unique opportunity to gather education and training stakeholders from all horizons in a creative environment in order to reflect on the modernisation of our education and training systems and to celebrate the joy of learning. Make sure you are part of it!

Round Table “EUCIS-LLL Manifesto – Building together the future of learning”, 3 December (9:30-13:00)

The highlight of the Lifelong Learning Week will be the launch of EUCIS-LLL Manifesto ”Building together the future of learning for the 2014 European elections. Don't miss this opportunity to see MEPs from various political groups discuss our 12 principles for lifelong learning, among which Emer COSTELLO (S&D, IE) who is hosting the event. You can already register on our website.

Round Table “Making the Case of European Civic Education”, 4 December (9:00-12:00)

In this European Yposter European Civic Educationear of Citizens 2013, EUCIS-LLL and the European Civic Forum organise a roundtable on “Making the case for European Civic Education”. Are teachers, educators and civil society organisations equipped to “teach European citizenship” and build active, informed and responsible citizenry in the context of rapidly changing social, political and economic environments? What is the role of non-formal education providers and EU organisations? Should we have a common module on EU citizenship in our schools? Join us for this fascinating debate and register here.

International Seminar “Measuring Progress in Lifelong Learning”, 5 December (12:00-15:00)

EUCIS-LLL will hold an international seminar on “Measuring progress in Lifelong Learning”. Progress is defined as development towards an improved or more advanced condition and as such, is highly subjective and subjected to various political interpretations and measurement methods. PISA, PIAAC, international indicators have more and more impact. What do they exactly measure? Do evaluations used in our educational systems reflect the shift to learning outcomes and to a learner-centered approach? This seminar is about rethinking progress measurement in lifelong learning in a partnership approach. Take part and sign up for the event.

Other events

EUCIS-LLL members are also organising several events during the LLL Week in order to raise awareness on Lifelong Learning in Europe with a particular focus on the upcoming European elections in 2014. OECD's survey on Adult Learning (PIAAC), validation of Non-Formal learning, entrepreneurship education, learning mobility and non-formal learning, ... are some of the other key topics that will be discussed during the LLL Week. For an overview of all events taking place during the week, have a look at the LLL Week 2013 calendar. You can already register to:

Civil Society Meeting Placelll-week-exhibition

Come and meet us! EUCIS-LLL members will have stands from 2 to 6 December at the European Parliament (ASP building, 5th Floor, Zone G). Animations and other activities will be organised during the whole week.


002_EUCIS_EXHIB_fb-us-site_RVB_okThe 10 finalists pictures of EUCIS-LLL contest on “The Future of Learning: Unlocking each and everyone’s unique potential” will be exhibited at the European Parliament (ASP builidnig, 5th Floor, Zone G). You can still submit your pictures until 10 November and get a chance to win an InterRail pass! The three categories are: learning environments, learning diversity and learning in Europe. Check our website or Facebook page.

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