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What's your intention

Is it your intention to succeed?

Is it your intention to succeed at that project?
Is it your intention to heal?
Is it your intention that things are going to go really wrong?
Our intention is what we approach life with, it's also how we approach situations and experiences. If your worried or doubting that something isn't going to go well. Then that's your intention and that's probably how its going to plan out.

Our intention is where it all begins, most people believe it starts with what thoughts we're thinking.
Well for me it's:
intention- thoughts- feelings- action
If you go into a meeting or a party intending to be confident, friendly and have lots of fun, then you will begin to think thoughts of what that will be like. This will then effect the way you hold your body, the way you walk, how you speak and many other subtle changes occur.

One way that always demonstrates it perfectly is the horse because when we recall memories or discuss events that are planned and we feel excited about them then the horse stays connected. However if the experience has had a negative effect on us or we are worrying about things in the future, then that connection with the horse is lost.

This allows us to experience what effect our thoughts and intention is having. As well as see if we are truly intending those changes we make to succeed or fail.
The horses are just an example of how we interact with either animals or people, that can be affected and influenced by our intention.

Our intention lines us up for success or failure with whatever we are creating or experiencing. Try it for yourself the next few activities that you do begin by deciding what your intended the outcome to be, is it going to be seamless? effortless? and easy?

I predict the activity was less stressful and got accomplished quicker. If you have something planned a few days away which is worrying you, then you can decide to change those worries into "i am intending this to go really well". This means you are able to enjoy the days leading up to it, rather than spending that time getting more worried and anxious.

So whatever you are doing set up your intention for success and allow the experience to flow.
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