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Celebrating Our Uniqueness!
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It's time to celebrate our uniqueness.

This September Spirit of the Phoenix has launched its celebrating our uniqueness campaign.

As our community continues to build where we celebrate the things that make us unique. It may be our story, our disability or just an experience that changed our life. As it's these moments that define who we are at that point in our life.

We are all at different points along our journey some of us are just at the beginning others have traveled through the storm and made it to the rainbow the other side, ready to share their experiences to inspire others.

Through seeing disability or a life event as something to celebrate we are beginning to change the conversation from something that is broken and needs fixing, to a gift or another perspective. Providing other ways to carryout activities, or one of our strengths as it pushes the boundaries of evolution.

As disability progresses its astounding to see the inventions from prosthetic's to assisting equipment, from looking at life and problems in a whole new perspective to uniting people with new ways of communication through music.

So join us in our celebration this month!
Sharing what makes you unique and together we will continue the conversation of what makes us unique our disability, story or just an event that changed our life.
To join in CLICK HERE and write what makes you unique and nominate three friends to do the same.

I have been so fortunate to meet lots of people who have an incredible story and courage to make the changes and choices in life that they have. As their life went into a whirlwind of change through a diagnosis, death or birth of a child with a disability, or just feeling they didn't have a place where they could be themselves and not their label.

Something I talk to people who attend the workshops is the environment you create and work in. I am so passionate that at Spirit of the Phoenix it's a place that people can come and have the chance to change their story or perception on life, and find their confidence to celebrate that part of them that they may have thought was a weakness which has now transformed into one of their gifts.

This is why we have created the wristbands for two reasons, the first to be a symbolism of unity of celebrating that part of us that some may deem is broken, but its actually a part of us that has the potential of us creating things that no one else has thought of (Winston Churchill, Einstien, Amy Mulins and the list goes on). Secondly as a reminder to the person that they are not alone, that there are people around who want to help and get to know them just the way they are.

By you reading this email you have already shown hope that we can continue to change the conversation around disability to be one of celebration!

Have a great day
Naomi Sharp

Saturday 5th September 10am- 2pm

Equine Assisted Therapy 4 hour workshop

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