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Path Corrections


Experiencing corrections which are taking you on a new path.

When a person decides to take a new path and feels it is time for a change, then life begins to deliver corrections as you begin to make new choices each day. Those corrections come in the form of changes either to yourself, environment, work, family or the way you feel about something.
At the beginning this transitional stage is very exciting and enthralling as you start on your journey to a new life, but at some point those tiny corrections begin to take their toll.
The reason for this is because your perception on a situation is beginning to change, and there is a tennis match going on in your thoughts, as part of you clings to the past and the other part is pulling you to the future.

Tough Day
This is the time to call on a friend(s) even if it's just to tell them about a tough day, sharing "how this correction happened and this changed". Then finish the conversation by sharing with your friend(s) "however this means that things are really shaping up for the future and things around me are dramatically changing so I can accomplish my new desire".

You may also be feeling so overwhelmed by the changes that you have become stuck and nothing is being accomplished. That is also the time to ask for some help, to break down the job list so it feels achievable once again. Or get someone over to help with accomplishing some of the tasks on your job list. Which helps you begin to feel less overwhelmed and you can start to see progress being made.

Lots of changes arriving at once
Sometimes our desires are so strong that those life corrections arrive fast and in a short space of time, you feel you don't even have time to catch your breath. Those times don't last forever as life levels out again, all be it at a new level. When those times arrive and pass allow yourself some time to rest and re-balance at this new place.

So this week when lots of change is happening around you, try out this new perspective:
"that they are just life corrections not life problems. As I am wanting life to change and desiring something new. So life is just delivering what I need and removing what I don't need. Taking me to the place where I can receive that which I desire."
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