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10 Talents Needed for a Powerhouse Marketing Team

The idea that marketing is "so easy anyone can do it" has gone the way of the rotary telephone and the audio cassette tape. Today's competitive atmosphere requires talented marketing professionals with the ability to represent your company while selling your message to the right audience in the right way. When creating your powerhouse marketing team - especially in the AEC industry - look for a combination of the following capabilities: 
1. The Deadline Disciplinarian
The Deadline Disciplinarian makes sure schedules are kept and deadlines are met. If action items are not turned in on time, this person is the one who will call team members out and keep them on track. The Deadline Disciplinarian can be relied upon to deliver personal assignments according to agreed-upon timelines with no additional urging from management or other team members.

2. The Graphic Guru
The Graphic Guru has an eye for color combinations. This team member is adept at structuring the layout of images and text, conceptualizing and then creating materials that represent an idea or story in a pleasing format. The Graphic Guru is well-versed in using graphic design or desktop publishing software.

3. The Proofreading Pro
The Proofreading Pro finds the mistakes others miss. This person is a born editor who detects typos, grammatical errors, layout miscues, and brand standard infractions upon barely a glance. The Proofreading Pro is the person you trust to take that 'one last look' at any materials before they are sent to print or delivered to a client.

4. The Writing Wunderkind
The Writing Wunderkind creates naturally flowing text that pulls you into a story and keeps you reading until the end. This individual easily gets points across without being too wordy. A Writing Wunderkind can craft original text or take the ideas of others and formulate them into interesting compositions.

5. The Media Mastermind
The Media Mastermind is your social media maven, conversing with Twitter followers and Facebook friends with a natural ease. This person handles press and media inquiries like a seasoned professional. Communication comes naturally for the Media Mastermind, who stays on top of trends in both traditional and new media.

6. The Meeting Marvel
The Meeting Marvel is the master at creating clear agendas and keeping people on topic during kick-off, planning, and preparation meetings. This team member focuses on managing time efficiently, accomplishing goals, and making sure no meeting ends without the establishment of clear action items.

7. The Presentation Sensation
The Presentation Sensation creates presentation and interview materials that allow your team to put their best foot forward when selling your products/services directly to clients. This individual comes up with ideas to share your most important messages while standing out from the crowd of competitors. The Presentation Sensation helps team members hone their own presentation skills.

8. The Brilliant Buffer
The Brilliant Buffer acts as an intermediary between the marketing team and staff with marketing project requests, allowing the team to focus on their tasks and milestones with as little interruption as possible. This person is skillful at prioritization of needs and scheduling of assignments. The Brilliant Buffer makes sure staff marketing projects are addressed, but ensures incoming requests do not derail existing project timelines.

9. The Networking Natural
The Networking Natural is an expert at handling luncheons, fundraisers, golf tournaments and other public engagements on behalf of the company. This team member has the ability to effortlessly strike up conversations with friends and strangers alike. The Networking Natural is comfortable acting as a face of the company and represents it in a professional manner at all times.

10. The Talented Translator
The Talented Translator can take direction from technically-minded staff and translate it into achievable goals for the marketing team. This individual listens closely, asks clarifying questions, and makes sure the meaning behind the message is not lost. The Talented Translator can also act as a go-between for members of the marketing team.

Assembling a strong marketing team requires varied talents and skillsets. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to find multiple traits within one person, and other times you need to craft your team through the careful placement of individual team members. Once you have all the right pieces in place, however, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

- Amo Creative Solutions, LLC staff can successfully integrate with your marketing team, adding valuable assistance to your already talented group.  Contact us when you are ready to start your next project.

Keep meeting sizes to 10 people or less. The extra commentary decreases creativity and increases extended chatter.


Switch on the light bulb in your head by turning down the lights. Research shows working in dimly lit areas reduce mental inhibitions and encourage creativity.


Research suggests more pixels leads to better productivity. Whether you use two small monitors or one big one, the prime screen size measures about 27 inches.


Remove chairs from your conference room for more collaboration. Researchers at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis found that team members who stand during meetings are more engaged and less territorial, resulting in more creative ideas.


Face time is key to make working remotely successful. Set weekly one-on-one video chat sessions with your supervisor so you can still be "seen" in the office even if you're several miles away.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a system for generating solar power by using lead recycled from used car batteries.

Wunderkind is an app that allows you to organize and share to-do lists, work assignments, grocery lists, household tasks and more. Set dues dates and reminders. Collaborate with colleagues, friends and family. Access from anywhere.
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