Excuse the profanity, but I felt it was needed. I’ve noticed a trend lately during the COVID-19 situation that I wanted to suffocate before it could have any more oxygen.

These are hard times. Nothing is normal and no one knows what to expect. With regard to your health and fitness, I will always encourage you to do what you can to be healthy.

I’ve been inspired by many fit pros that are pivoting their training and business in these uncertain times but still providing coaching, training and support to their clients and even to make more workouts available to the community, just as we’ve done.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen too much shaming of people’s time. Just because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean you need to get in the best shape of your life. Or, eat healthier than ever.  

Personal growth can occur in many ways, and it’s easy to assume that physical fitness becomes easier when there’s more time. But, that’s just a fallacy. 

And buying into that can be damaging.  

A big part of being healthy is not only being kind to your body but also kind to your mind and heart. 

This is reality. 
You’re going to miss workouts.
And have crappy sessions.
You’ll snack more.
You might not even recognize your diet.
Maybe you’re sleeping less because of stress.
Maybe you’re sleeping more because of stress.

But, it will all feel different and maybe a little different — and that’s OK.

Whatever the situation, part of getting through all of this is to not set unrealistic expectations. 

Each day is a new challenge for me juggling business pivoting and adjustments, friends becoming sick, friends losing their jobs, clients stressed and struggling to adapt to the new environment and the weight of it all. Although I'm a type of person that don't like to complain but rather take action, I would say that my business have been impacted a lot, and it’s very difficult for me at the moment. 

But right now, more than ever, it’s important to control what you can control. Spend your time focusing on doing the little things that fill you up, and staying healthy and keeping your head above water.  

Together, as people, we need to support one another because none of us know what the future holds. But, I do know this: the love, kindness, and patience you give to yourself and others will make you stronger through the pandemic and when we create our new normal moving forward. 

Better times are coming, but that doesn’t mean right now isn’t hard. Celebrate the small wins. The walk you take. The workouts you do. The vegetable you eat. The friend you call. Even the deep breath and reminder that “this will pass.”

Remember, we don’t build strength to lift heavier weights. We build strength to help us through moments like this. 

As people, we evolve and adapt to situations. That is how we survive and thrive. 

Your fitness goals will be there whether you can tackle them today, tomorrow or next month. 

Create energy where you can.
Conserve energy when you feel drained. 
And remember to stay strong and keep smiling.

Coach "Control the Controllables" Kosta

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