“My goodness that happened fast.”

If that’s crossed your mind lately, I can relate.

COVID-19 has seemingly changed the world overnight.

And just like everyone else, here at CFP we’re concerned about the future… ongoing health risks, school being closed, the economy...

Despite all this, our mindset is helping us feel calmer and more prepared. And our experience suggests, if you’re struggling, it might help you as well.

It starts with one very powerful core belief we have here at CFP:
Focus on actions, not outcomes.

The truth is, no one can control what happens next. And that gives many of us a feeling of uncertainty that causes stress and anxiety.

But by focusing your attention on small daily actions, you can move forward even in the face of uncertainty. And in turn, that reduces stress and anxiety.

We’ve worked with hundreds of people over the past 8 years and we've seen this approach work time and time again. So I have a strong belief it’ll work for you, too.

For our part, we’re continuing to focus our daily actions on fulfilling our company purpose.

That purpose is to provide our clients with the coaching, training, education, tools, and support you need to improve your own life and be the best possible version of yourself. 

Although we have transitioned online that’s not going to change. 

In the coming days, weeks, and even months, we’ll be helping you navigate these new challenges and continue to make the progress you want and achieve your personal health and fitness goals. 

For today, I’ll leave you with this: A package of timely health and fitness resources you can use for yourself or share with your family and friend. Because as you know, it’s more important than ever that you take care of yourself, to keep your immune system strong, to get/stay physically healthy and last but not least take care of your mental wellbeing. 

These resources, of course, are only a first small step. Just consider it a simple daily action that helps us serve our company purpose. (We feel less stressed already.)

Stay safe and healthy, 

Coach Kosta

P.S. In case you aren’t aware, CFP transitioned into online virtual training. So if you’re are like many stuck at home with no access to a gym and if you’re interested in trying our online sessions, I can help. Just reply back to this email and I'll hook you up with a free 7-day pass. 


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