I had a massive lightbulb moment the other day...

I want to tell you exactly what it was and how powerful it can be...

The 4 A's of breakthrough results.





To make any change in life, you first need awareness.

Awareness precedes change.

Awareness allows you to KNOW what even needs to change, let alone actually making the changes itself.

Awareness allows you to SEE what you're NOT doing, that's stopping you from getting leaner and finally achieving your goal physique.

Awareness gives you the INSIGHTS as to what's not working, what's holding you back, what needs to happen, and how you can change.

It's the first step in any journey towards success.

Then, comes acceptance.

A lot of people are aware, but it's subconscious.

They KNOW, but they won't admit.

And they'll never change or improve, because they're stuck in this acceptance phase.

We need to accept what we've become aware of.

Accept what is and what isn't.

Accept what we're NOT doing well or dropping the ball on.

It's not shaming ourselves or putting ourselves down, it's simply becoming aware and then accepting.

Because without acceptance, you can't take action.

Which is the next step.

Action is the foundational key to success.

It's what puts things in motion, period.

Without it, NOTHING happens.

You're at a major standstill.

And if you can take serious action...

You accelerate.

Action is hard at first but gets easier and easier every time you take it.

And eventually, you'll just continue to accelerate.

There's this big gap between not doing anything at all and being highly successful with your pursuit.

That gap is action and on the other side is acceleration.

Results become EASIER once this gap is bridged.

I hope my lightbulb moment helped you in some way today, be that with your body or with your mind or with your relationships or with your career/business!

I said it and thought, 

"DAMN... that's golden and explains so much of the success I see myself and others make.

And when I fail, this is why - it's missing."

So I had to share it with you.

As I mentioned above action is the foundational key to success and without it, NOTHING happens. 

So don't use this pandemic as an excuse NOT to exercise and veg out in front of the TV but rather as an OPPORTUNITY to focus on you goals and to take better care of yourself.

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Coach "The Accelerator" Kosta



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