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Five for Friday - 1 December 2017
To see the Future of Cities, Watch the Curb. yes, the Curb (Wired)
The curbside has always been a a place for walking and loitering. But in just the past decade, smartphone technology has enabled new transportation services, all of them looking for their own bit of the terrain.

The McPhee Method (LARB)
One way to get closer to something is by way of distinctions — by considering what that thing could be but is not.

The Psychology of Giving Human Names to Your Stuff (The Cut)
According to a 2013 poll from the insurance company Nationwide, around 25 percent of car owners have named their ride. 

Why a Generation in Japan Is Facing a Lonely Death (NYT)
“The way we die is a mirror of the way we live,” said Takumi Nakazawa, 83, the chairman of the resident council at Mrs. Ito’s housing complex for the past 32 years.

How Children Change the Way We See (New Yorker)
To be five years old is to be surprised by life. I’m amused by my children’s awe at quotidian things—a toy helicopter, a bubble bath, the visible tentacles on a plate of calamari. 
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