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February 2016 Newsletter

President's Message

Hello Toronto Chapter Members and friends

It's 3 years since we formally initiated the Toronto Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals! In that time, we have grown tremendously. We started with a little under 50 members and now have 240. We run regular events, connect change professionals and offer multiple opportunities. I'm so very grateful to great team of board members and committee volunteers that have made this happen. Thank you!

I'd be remiss not to comment on the amazing social event we had just a few weeks back. I always love connecting with the new faces and getting them excited about the great opportunities they will be receiving as they become involved with ACMP. Familiar faces have now become friends. Thank you Amy and the crew from Project World for the sponsorship and support.

We are building our activity program for the coming months. Another in-person professional development event in March and a webinar in April. Of course, Change Management 2016 is in May, I hope to see you reach out so we can meet in person.

Finally, elections for new board members are due soon so take time to make sure your membership is up to date. If you are curious about the board opportunities and want to chat with me just get in touch.

Rich Batchelor
President, ACMP Toronto Chapter

Change Management 2016 - Chapter Discount!

ACMP Global is happy to announce an exciting discount of $150 off the cost of an individual registration when you register before May 14th 2016.  

How does it work?  Simply register with the promotional code:


To take advantage of this offer when you register, select the individual rate option and enter the promotional code.

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The Winter Social - Kicking 2016 off Right!
The chill of the winter months certainly didn’t stop our ACMP community from coming out in great numbers to our February Winter Social event.  More than 45 change management practitioners from across the GTA came out to network and engage in great discussion about the advancements of our profession.  There was a general buzz and excitement around the room with discussions shared about the upcoming CCMP and ACMP Global Conference along with the successes and challenges experienced in our work.  

If you have any photos or stories you want to share with us from the social, please share on Twitter using the hashtags #ACMPTOSocial and #AcmpTOWinterMixer. Stay connected with the latest updates from the ACMP Toronto Chapter by following the @ACMPToronto handle on Twitter!

Thank you to ProjectWorld who sponsored the event with refreshments for all.  Congratulations to Katarina Birkic and Carlos Calderon who each won admission to the upcoming ProjectWorld event in Toronto May 9-12, 2016.  Visit the ProjectWorld website to learn more about this upcoming event.


March Event - Register Early, Space is Limited! 

Changing Culture Through Large Group Intervention   

Our 2016 professional development program is focussing on the role of change management in successfully planning and implementing aspects of organizational culture change.  In partnership with our event sponsor, ExperiencePoint, ACMP is pleased to present ACMP Member, Sheila Bowness to share a public sector case study demonstrating the power of a deliberate application of normative social influence to incite change.  This will be an interactive session that will touch upon change management design, leadership, best practices and tools to support organizational culture change.

Wednesday March 23, 2016
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

20 Duncan St. Suite 200
Toronto, ON   M5H 3G8
$15 for ACMP Members or
$25 for Non-ACMP Members

Click Here To Register

This will be a great opportunity to explore the nuances of organizational culture and how change management professionals can be key enablers in this realm. 
See you there!
In Defense of Change Management
Anthony Estacio
Establishing the need for change management resources is a common issue for many change management practitioners. Many of our colleagues find it challenging to understand the value add of applying change management principles to conventional project activities.
Looking at a project plan, we’re often asked to rationalize change management activities. We tend to forget that most of us lived other lives before change management and the thought process that guides our thinking, is at times lost upon our colleagues.

Perfect the Art of Storytelling

Digging up lessons learned is often a very uncomfortable activity for most organizations but gives a change management practitioner a good foundation to contextualize the logic behind change management tasks. Remember that project with weak stakeholder support? Remember the low adoption rates of the billing system we implemented? By highlighting the risks we are mitigating through change management we build an understanding for the team in a language that everyone understands.

Get the Whole Team Involved

There is a common misperception that change management activities are the sole responsibility of change management resources. By taking a cross functional approach to applying change management, we lighten the load on our often strained change management resources, but also introduce accountability and ownership so that it doesn’t rest on your shoulders alone.

Reinforcement Through Repetition

Explaining change management to those who are unfamiliar with the discipline requires patience and planning. It’s great to reinforce change with those impacted, but those who are delivering the change also need a degree of reinforcement if change management is not part of their day to day vernacular. The language that we use for change management is also commonly used in other disciplines, so it is helpful to define your regularly used terms. This means the reiterating definitions or giving context to ensure a mutual understanding.
Change? Or, More of the Same? 
Osama El Saman, MPOD
If you are a change management practitioner or an organization development consultant you are likely familiar with this question. Many of us, whether we’re beginning a change assignment with a new client or working on an internal capacity development project, we are likely to encounter situations where we’re truly skeptic of both intent and expectations. Frequently, doubt is triggered by a declined request for a key budget item, or a lack of involvement from organizational leadership in a strategic drive for change. Getting the sense that you are ‘alone’ in this is a common awkward feeling.
I can confirm that there wasn’t a change project where I didn’t have second thoughts with regards to the path for transformation. I have repeatedly asked myself - and frequently the client - whether we are seeking “real” change or “more of the same”. But I can also declare that every time I have asked the question, it was the beginning of a deep conversation that created a valuable opportunity for reflection about what change is and whether it really is what my client is after. There are obviously many ways to ask this question with tact and without offending the client. This is an important discussion to have nonetheless. Inquiry into the nature of the desired change is in itself a change intervention, a technique to stand on the same platform with my client and discuss expectations. Once we see eye-to-eye we can converge on the change journey together at a collectively agreed pace. Therefore, it is important to remember the Simultaneity Principal, which teaches us that the moment we ask a question, we indeed begin to create a change.
Having said that, I wish to make myself very clear. I have worked with clients where it was important for them to do more of the same. Abrupt change in an unsuspecting environment can bring about incongruous outcomes especially if there is no adequate capacity for change. Creating organizational readiness and building the needed capacity to adopt new ways of working is major component of a successful change journey. It is important not to forget that most organizations are designed to succeed, and just as importantly stay successful. The notion of “staying” is indicative of an inherent, inbuilt resistance to change in most organizations. It is essential to talk about change, to envision it, to embrace and to get used to it. Change needs to become familiar, even tacit in an organization that wants to maintain agility in a day and age where the speed and pressure of external factors are incomparable to any time in history.
Get Ready for the 2016 ACMP Toronto Chapter Board Elections
Are you or someone you know passionate about advancing the practice and profession of change management?  If yes, your opportunity to nominate someone or yourself to serve as an ACMP Toronto Chapter Board Director is coming in mid-March.

Candidates for all positions of the Board must be a member in good standing with ACMP Global and the Chapter at the time of the call for nominations and thereafter. If you are interested in putting your name forward for a Board role, please ensure your membership is up to date now!  Go to and login to check your current membership status.

To be eligible to vote in the upcoming election, your membership must be active throughout the election period.

Event Discounts


In Toronto from May 9-12, 2016.

A 10% registration discount is available to all ACMP Toronto Chapter members.  Just enter the following group code when registering:


Register Here

Change Management 2016: 3D Change—Digital, Disruptive, Dispersed.

The Association of Change Management Professionals Toronto is  pleased to be partnering with the Conference Board of Canada for their upcoming conference.
As a valued member, we are pleased to extend a promotional rate of $1,395 for you to attend (value of $ 1,855).  To register with the reduced rate, enter rebate code PRM3 in the final steps of the registration process.
Connect with other senior change leaders from across Canada.
The world has become hyper connected, we are always “on” and in touch. Competitors can emerge almost from nowhere and capture significant market share, new technologies threaten even the most secure and successful of incumbents.
Join us for practical examples and case studies of successful change management will help answer your most challenging change management questions, as you learn from the experts how to:
  1. Using Digital Technology to Encourage Innovation and Engagement
  2. Disruption Up Close and Personal I—Panel Session Featuring Some of Toronto's Top Startups
  3. Using Social and Digital Media for Communicating and Spreading Change and Innovation in the Hospital Setting and Financial Services
  4. The Importance of Culture on Digital Transformation
  5. The Decoded Company: Assessing the Impact of Digitization on Markets, Organizations and Individuals
  6. Moving to the Cloud: Case Study in Building an Agile Organization at The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  7. Disruption Up Close and Personal II—What Business Leaders Can Learn from Neuroscience & Divorce
  8. Mindfulness as a Disruptive Activity—And the Antidote
  9. Case Study: Electronic Records Management at OLG
  10. Developing Future Leaders For the Future Workplace
  11. Building A Learning Culture
This is the only event in Canada providing a window into how organizations are responding to this new kind of change!  Join us to experience new thinking and ideas, the practical examples and successful models that will help you navigate change.
For the full agenda and list of speakers, please visit the event page.
Register using the online registration system and enter PRM3 in the final steps of registration to receive the promotional rate.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your registration, please contact Stephanie Parkhill at the Conference Board of Canada at or 613-526-3090 ext. 249.

Connect with your Fellow Change Professionals    

ACMP Toronto Chapter is excited to offer connectivity for local Change Professionals through the new Spark Collaboration Tool. Click on the link below to sign up with the tool and then wait to be connected with other professionals for conversations, coffee or whatever you want to do together! We are suggesting a focus on the upcoming CCMP designation, but we know these conversations will go further...

Spark Collaboration Tool

Is Your Membership in Good Standing?      
it's now a great time to check your current membership status with ACMP Global. Login to to check (and renew) your membership status.

We'll soon be accepting nominations for the ACMP Toronto Board of Directors, and all nominees must have memberships in good standing, so please ensure your membership is up to date now!  

Articles Wanted!    

Have your ideas heard by hundreds of Change Management professionals across the GTA! We're looking for new, original content to share in this newsletter. #AcmpTOArticles

Submit your article (400 words or less) by the 15th of each month to for a chance to be featured!         

Job Board and Opportunities

As a reminder, we recently launched our job board on the ACMP Toronto website. One of the key pieces of feedback that we received, was that in addition networking opportunities, our members wanted the ability to progress within the industry.  We are happy to support our members desire to grow professionally. These jobs will be posted on the ACMP Toronto website and shared via LinkedIn and Twitter under the hashtag #TorontoChangeJobs. 

Just email to  to get your job posted & reach over 1000+ specialists across the change management ecosystem and for those seeking their next opportunity, this will be the first place to start your journey.

Looking for Sponsorship

We are always looking for generous sponsors to help us put on events and reach over 1000+ Change Management professionals, in the 2nd largest chapter globally!  

Email us at for more info of how we can help increase your company’s brand and visibility. Sponsors can donate multiple different things from $$ to time, research, or logistics to host events. 


Best Advice I've Ever Received… 

"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone" 
 - Michael John Bobak

Toronto Chapter Upcoming Events

March 23, 2016

Workshop - Changing Culture Through Large Group Intervention

April 19, 2016
Webinar - How Principles of CM Can Help Organizations to Implement Diversity and Inclusion 

May 15 - 18, 2016
Change Management 2016

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