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April 2016 Newsletter

President's Message


Welcome to our April Newsletter. It's been a busy time both locally and globally for ACMP. Locally we ran another well attended webinar in collaboration with Global Knowledge. We have been running board elections, preparing for our AGM and recognizing all our tremendous volunteers in National Volunteer Week.

We have also been supporting the global developments for CCMP with a number of Beta testers in our area helping get ready for the May 15 launch. Are you ready? What will we be able to do locally to help you attain your CCMP.

If you look a little lower down this newsletter, you will see that as well as all the great conferences coming up in May and June we have for you to attend with reduced costs, ACMP Canada Regional Conference will be taking place on October 17-18. I am thrilled to see Toronto on the map for this first year of the event and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Finally, if you are heading down to Dallas for Change Management 2016, do come and say hi. We will have Toronto tables for Mondays lunch and I hope to get to meet many of you then. We will also be finding time to share the experience with others on our return.

Best wishes

Rich Batchelor
President, ACMP Toronto Chapter

Change Management 2016 - ACMP Chapter Discount!

ACMP Global is happy to announce an exciting discount of $150 off the cost of an individual registration when you register before May 14th 2016.  

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In case you missed it...April Webinar
Manage Change, Improve Diversity and Inclusion within your Organization

Our April webinar, hosted by Global Knowledge, featuring Dipal Dimani of D&D Inclusion Consulting, provided practical experiences in applying quality change management to advance diversity and inclusion initiatives.  If you missed the live session, you'll be glad to know the recording is now available to view here.

Post ACMP Global Conference Coffee Klatch

Week of May 24th – watch for dates and times to be announced in locations around the GTA.  ACMP Toronto will be hosting informal information sharing events hosted by ACMP Global Conference attendees. A wonderful opportunity to get caught up on key learnings from Dallas!

ACMP Toronto AGM and Membership Appreciation Event 

June – join our local change management community for an appreciation dinner and guest speaker Jackie Lauer, Heart of Culture Change, who will share her experiences in advancing organizational culture. We will engage in discussion about our local accomplishments and our hopes for the year ahead.  Watch for more details and your invitation to arrive in the weeks ahead. 

Thank you to our volunteers 

While the number of hours volunteered varies greatly depending on availability, the grand total accounted for in the past year was more than 700!  Whether it's a couple of hours per month or dozens, we can't say it enough to our volunteers - thank you for all you do to make the Toronto Chapter ACMP a leading branch in our global network.

Show up. Tell the truth.  Pay attention.  Be open to the outcome
Usama el Saman                                                                                                                                

Award winning author and cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien provided a simple yet profound formula for Change in her book “ The Four Fold Way”. Those Brief instructional points in the title vividly articulate a juxtaposition of minimalism and complexity. I must admit that it is this intricate essence of the field of Change that captivates me and fuels my doctoral research in Organizational Change.
I wanted to reflect, with you dear reader, on each and every one of those eloquently put stances, because they truly will make the difference in your change experience. Moreover, they are all what you will learn in change management school after spending tens of thousands of dollars…ok maybe a few other things too.
Think about Showing up in the context of change. It is a stance located in courage. It is the decision to do what is right despite all the good reasons not to. Showing up in a change context is the true essence of leadership, possibly fueled by a vision of a better future but just as likely an act of defiance in the midst of murky waters. Showing up takes conviction and determination, but it also takes deep awareness of what needs to change and the price associated with transformation.
Telling the truth - well…we all know how simple this one is! It is hard to emphasize the importance of a truthful portrayal of what necessitates change and the possibility that it can become an arduous journey.  Think of changes to organizational structure or of leadership that creates antagonistic organizational atmosphere. Think of conflicts, reluctance, unjustifiable bureaucracy and other issues that stand in the way of learning and change. So learning to, not only tell, but also show, the truth can be the difference in a positive change journey.
Paying attention. Is the ability to formulate knowledge and understanding the significance of what of is often subtle tension. Good change leaders will know and read signs of turning difficult corners on a change journey. This capacity to assess where people are on their path to change, either through concrete data or expert consultant wisdom can be detrimental in prescribing what change intervention ought to come next. When I work with other change consultants we often catch ourselves reading “the pulse” of the organization, or measuring “the temperature” of change.
Finally, being open to the outcome is crucial because the process is seldom linear. In fact it is rarely a process. Change is complex and occurs on multiple levels. Levels that we sometime don’t know exist. Change often comes with opportunities and challenges that are impossible to anticipate. Being open to those discoveries can be the difference between success and failure. Being open to the outcome is far from a cautionary sentiment however; on the contrary, it is a message of encouragement to uphold generative curiosity. So go ahead, show up, tell the truth, pay attention and be open to the outcome.      

ACMP Toronto Chapter Board of Directors for 2016/2017
We were fortunate to have a highly qualified slate of candidates for the recent ACMP Toronto Chapter Board elections and are pleased to report the results.  
The following individuals were acclaimed to their positions:
Vice President:   Usama El Saman
Treasurer:          Sharon O’Meara
As a result of an election, the following individuals were elected to the position of Director:
Kathy Cowan Sahadath
Mary Sasiela
Please join us in congratulating and welcoming the new members to the Board. They assume their duties on June 1, 2016 and will join existing Board members President Richard Batchelor, Secretary Jayme Johnson and Directors Mirette Ghanem and Karen Sedore.

We hope to see you at our Annual General Meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet your new Directors!

Event Discounts

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There is also a 10% registration discount to all ACMP Toronto Chapter members via designated group code: ACMP 

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Save 10% at Spark the Change - Toronto - June 9-10

A conference for the whole organization, Spark brings together Agile, HR, Organizational Development and Change Management practitioners under one roof!
We believe building a resilient organization starts with people, not job titles. It doesn’t matter which box on the organization chart you call home is, there is much good you can do from where you are. Spark the Change Toronto is the opportunity to connect with people from other disciplines so you can learn, and share, ideas for building resilient organizations.

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Connect with your Fellow Change Professionals    

ACMP Toronto Chapter is excited to offer connectivity for local Change Professionals through the new Spark Collaboration Tool. Click on the link below to sign up with the tool and then wait to be connected with other professionals for conversations, coffee or whatever you want to do together! We are suggesting a focus on the upcoming CCMP designation, but we know these conversations will go further...

Spark Collaboration Tool       

Articles Wanted!    

Have your ideas heard by hundreds of Change Management professionals across the GTA! We're looking for new, original content to share in this newsletter. #AcmpTOArticles

Submit your article (400 words or less) by the 15th of each month to for a chance to be featured!  

Job Board and Opportunities

As a reminder, we recently launched our job board on the ACMP Toronto website. One of the key pieces of feedback that we received, was that in addition networking opportunities, our members wanted the ability to progress within the industry.  We are happy to support our members desire to grow professionally. These jobs will be posted on the ACMP Toronto website and shared via LinkedIn and Twitter under the hashtag #TorontoChangeJobs. 

Just email to  to get your job posted & reach over 1000+ specialists across the change management ecosystem and for those seeking their next opportunity, this will be the first place to start your journey.

Looking for Sponsorship

We are always looking for generous sponsors to help us put on events and reach over 1000+ Change Management professionals, in the 2nd largest chapter globally!  

Email us at for more info of how we can help increase your company’s brand and visibility. Sponsors can donate multiple different things from $$ to time, research, or logistics to host events. 


Best Advice I've Ever Received… 

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." 
 -George Bernard Shaw

Toronto Chapter Upcoming Events


May 15 - 18, 2016
Change Management 2016

Week of May 24th 
Post ACMP Global Conference Coffee Klatch

Toronto Chapter Annual General Meeting

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