Here are some news about our brand Aureus Yachts, and how we aim to make sailing better and funnier.
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Aureus Yachts

Dear suscribers,

We are happy to introduce our first Aureus Yachts Newsletter. You are receiving this email because you have subscribed to our newsletters on our website We appreciate your interest and undertake not to send you unnecessary information.

Our first series of newsletters will inform you about the progress made in the construction and the launch of our first Compact Maxi Yacht Aureus XV Absolute. In each newsletter you'll also find a "Focus on ..." Topic, which discusses our business and services.  This section should respond to the most frequently asked questions. We remind you that you can continue to send us your questions or remarks to or by simply responding to this email.

In part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we have chosen to make further improvements to the Aureus XV, slightly delaying its release date. Thus, the entire composite definition was improved over the original hybrid definition (glass-carbon-vinylester). The result is a gain of more than 350 kgs, which can now be devoted to comfort without sacrificing performance and stability of our fast offshore cruiser for hedonists.

The Aureus XV is entirely manufactured and assembled in Marans, France from the composite to the woodwork and saddlery.

Manufacturing the carbon / epoxy sandwich using Airex Foam

Construction progress

The hull and deck of the first Aureus XV have been completed. We decided to "radicalize" even more the Aureus XV by opting for a "full carbon/epoxy" version, lighter, more powerful and rigid for maximum thrills in sailing. The hull and deck are made from a carbon / epoxy sandwich using Airex Foam. The photo above shows the step of manufacturing the sandwich. Airex panels are thermoformed in an oven and then applied to the first carbon skin.

The next step in the construction is the layout of the inside of the hull. We'll talk to you about it in our next newsletter. The yacht interior must be completed in September-October. The boat launch is scheduled for late October.
You can follow all stages of the Aureus construction on Twitter: @AureusYachts and discover the philosophy of Aureus Yachts on our blog:
We look forward to welcoming you to our shipyard if you would like to see the progress of the first Aureus XV Absolute, or discuss the project of your own Aureus XV with our staff. You can also start to reserve your Aureus XV sea trial with Olga. To do this, please send an email to or call +33 546 008 770. Please note, that places are limited. After confirmation of the trials' dates, we would be happy to take care of your reservations (flight, train, hotel).

Aureus XV Absolute

Focus on ... Client Service

As sailing and travel enthusiasts, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience. For us, the purchase of a boat is not a simple act of buying, but the enduring relationship between our shipyard and our clients, a human adventure based on the exchange of experiences and a constant improvement of the boat.

We want to establish a relationship of trust with our customers. So we offer our customers a continuous pre and after sale service and others guarantees:

  • Delivery within 9 months after the project definition.
  • Guarantee of restitution of deposits for the client's financial peace of mind.
  • Hull, deck and structure are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Hull and deck are delivered with an expert assessment. For each component, clipping samples are sent to a laboratory and their mechanical properties are tested to ensure full composite strength.
  • A dedicated interlocutor is available to our customers for project tracking.
  • A one week handover in La Rochelle is offered; during this week our specialists in electronics and rigging will help you to get to know your boat and its equipment
  • We establish a regular monitoring of the yacht at a minimum interval of one visit per year, to ensure an ideal navigation experience for many years.
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