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First of all we would like to wish you a very happy 2014, full of joy, prosperity and sensational sailing !

At the beginning of this new year, we invite you to discover some of the new photos of the Aureus XV Absolute on our website (think to refresh the page).

We are also very pleased to introduce you our new thrilling video showing the Aureus XV while sailing :
Aureus XV sailing
Aureus XV Absolute

Aureus XV Absolute # 1
The “Zig Zag Wanderer“

As you may know, the Zig Zag Wanderer was unable to participate in the ARC 2014 due to an unfortunate accident two days before the start of the race.  Fortunately there were no serious casualties or excessive damage.
Currently the first Aureus XV is still in the Canary Islands where our team is working to change the keel bulb. Once repaired, Zig Zag Wanderer will continue her offshore sailing program. We will be keeping you posted about the destinations and the performance of this unique sailing yacht in different weather conditions. We can already share some of the results with you. Since its launch, and after more than 5,000 nautical miles of sailing, Aureus XV proved to be a very powerful boat. In most circumstances (above 9-10 knots of apparent wind) she achieved 10 knots and flirted with 15knots on the downwind legs in a medium to strong wind.

We also made use of these 5,000 nautical miles of tests to optimize our automatic reefing system by reducing friction to a minimum in all angle transmissions. This ensures that the reefing manoeuvres are much easier in all conditions. Here are some examples : The helmsman can handle 3 reefs alone, without leaving the helm. Once hoisted on its anti-twist cable, code 0, genacker or asymmetric spinnaker takes no more than 8 seconds to be unfurled. Using the reversing electric winches, sheets can also be relieved, allowing each sail to be rolled up in less than 30 seconds, without ever leaving the helm station. We are currently working on a wireless controller to operate these winches from the deck which will facilitate the hoisting of headsails for single-handed sailing.
Among the most appreciable points on-board, the management of the energy needs has been a real satisfaction. The build-in hydro-generator allows the boat to be completely autonomous while navigating. At 8 knots, it covers the needs of the fridge, freezer, autopilot, electronics and night-lighting. On several occasions, we were able to sail for more than 48 hours in complete comfort, without having to start the engine and generator.
We are very pleased to note that the performance, comfort on board and energy efficiency are even above our ambitious expectations and we hope to share this experience with you during our upcoming sea trials!
Membrane D4 sails


Focus on ...

Membrane D4 sails

Membrane sails are, to date, the best existing sails in terms of performance and durability.
A membrane sail is manufactured from just a few large “custom-made” zones with non parallel fibers. In each of these zones, the fibers (carbone, kevlar, pentex) are laid down following the load on the sails; and the quantity of fibers vary with the load at that point. 

Thus, the density and distribution of the fibers are adapted to the "range" of the sail: as such, a light genoa will have much less fibers than genoa 2 or 3.
Another good point is that the reinforcements are already included in the design of the sail, which saves weight.
As for the laminates, membrane sails can be made from either external films or protected by taffetas. This is the best solution for light weight and stiffness.

Thus, the fabric of your sail is specifically made according to the stresses your sail will be exposed to.

First created for racing, this type of sails is becoming popular today thanks to the increasing number of quality membrane suppliers. Now it is also used for offshore cruising or racing and cruising.

It is therefore natural that for our Aureus XV we have chosen the best cruising sails available, the D4 membrane sails: Taffeta / Vectran / Taffeta.

The sails of Aureus XV Absolute are manufactured by Incidences® in La Rochelle. Incidences® is a sail manufacturer recognized by the offshore sailing world. With several victories on the Vendee Globe, the Route du Rhum, and Maxi circuit, this company has a vast experience in offshore sailing and manufactures high-performance sails, the most durable on the market.

D4 vectran sails by Incidences® :
Application: offshore racing, long distance cruising
Performance : good  
Durability  : very good   

Of course, these sails can only reach their full potential thanks to the high modulus carbon mast and special rigging that we designed in collaboration with Axxon®’s specialists. These technical points will be the subject of an upcoming newsletter.
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