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Aureus XV Absolute

Construction progress

The first Aureus XV Absolute is currently a few weeks from its launch. We have had to overcome a lot of obstacles to finally get there!

The main difficulty has been the manufacturing of a fin (for our fin keel). In partnership with our smelter, the process has taken a long time to be developed.

Usually, manufacturing the cast fin is the easy part. The constructor produces the tooling: 2 large panels, on which the forms of a half fin are modeled. The smelter then compresses a mixture of sand and resin into this tool, connects the two sand molds and pours the cast into the mold until full.

The point is, that we did not want to make a simple classic fin keel. Using the cast GS-500 (with much better mechanical properties than the cast commonly used by boat builders), it is possible to obtain an extremely resistant ballast, while arranging the recesses, with core boxes, i.e. by making the fin lighter.

This type of fin significantly lowers the center of gravity of the ballast, which tends to lead bulb, and makes the boat more efficient and much safer, because of better righting moment.

However, to do this, the casting process is much more complex. The sand cores boxes must be inserted into the mold of the fin and resist the pressure during casting. These recesses are also filling up with gas during the casting; this gas must be constantly evacuated to ensure a perfect part.

It took 5 attempts and over 4 months to develop this ballast before achieving the perfect fin keel. With the help of our smelter and thanks to our determination to successfully mass produce the high performance ballast, we have finally achieved our aim, and the part is superb.

Here is our fin (the opposite photo). It weighs 1483 kg and will be installed next week on Aureus XV Absolute.

Because of this technical difficulty we have lost a lot of time, but the result is well worth the effort. Stability data obtained through this fin keel makes the Aureus XV Absolute yacht perfect for efficient and safe offshore sailing.

Our next newsletter will show you the Aureus XV Absolute all finished and ready to sail.
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