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Aureus XV Absolute

Aureus XV Absolute # 1
The “Zig Zag Wanderer“

ZZW is now back in France, moored in Toulon, and eager to sail back offshore !
During the recent sailing trip with the Aureus XV Absolute the 3 crewmembers sailed about 2000 Nautical Miles, mostly upwind, between Las Palmas and Toulon, through Madeira, in approximately 10 days.  It was also an occasion to confirm the excellent performance of the boat in rough seas, even under 2 reefs on the main and staysail.
This voyage also offered a few excellent moments of sailing downwind, on relatively calm seas. This was for instance the case at the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, between Gibraltar and Almeria, during which the Aureus XV showed once again what she is made of.  See this video of the boat easily sailing at around 13 knots.
The rest of the trip was very pleasant with very light winds, which never exceeded 11 knots  between Formentera and Toulon. We took out the ultimate asset for sailing in the Med : the 115m2 Kevlar Code 0, mounted on an electrical furler. It allowed us to sail to Toulon at a decent speed, minimizing the engine hours.
We have planned a few sea-trials for this summer with several magazines, such as Yachting World, Meer und Yachten, etc. You will be able to read those articles between August and October. You’ll also find the Aureus XV's trial with Italian journalist in the "Vela e Motore" March Edition.

In September, the Aureus XV Absolute will be presented once more at the Cannes Yachting Festival. You’ll find us on the Old Harbour:  Quai Saint Pierre – Stand QSP055/ QSP123. Please contact us to receive an invitation or to make an appointment.
Membrane D4 sails


Focus on ...

hydraulic maneuvers

As you probably know, the Aureus XV Absolute is equipped with numerous hydraulic and electric manoeuvres. But for the boat owner, what does it mean?
  1. To Gybe : no need to run all across your boat. Simply pull the mainsheet joystick to bring the boom at the center, then, while gybing, push this joystick to set the sail on the proper trimming on your new tack. 

  2. If you are under Gennaker, Code 0 or Spinnaker and you don’t feel like gybing with them out, simply furl the sail electrically and unfurl it on the new tack after gybing. It can be done in less than a minute, without moving away from the helm station.  

  3. From each helm station you can also unfurl the genoa by pushing a button (Furler 1 out) while at the same time taking the sheet with the joystick controlling the astern port winch. It’s a matter of 20 seconds !  

  4. Taking an automatic reef can also be done without moving from the helm station thanks to the reverse (works both ways) electric winches. With one joystick, you lower the halyard, while you pull the reef on another winch, with a second joystick.

It is incredibely easy and exciting to sail the Aureus XV ! If you want discover this yourself, please ask to participate in one of our sea-trials this summer. Contact us and we’ll be happy to add you to our schedule and sail with you for example to the Hyères Islands.
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