Hi Friend! Here is our first newsletter of 2015. Thank you for taking the time to see what happened in Jan and Feb and what you can be praying for in March.  We greatly appreciate all your love, encouragement and support. Blessings!
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serving in Honduras

Jan-March 2015
Our team decided as of Jan 1st that what was formally and lovingly referred to as ‘Gringo Church', would now be called ‘English Church’.  We wait to see how the LORD will use this service to reach the English-speaking locals and even be an encouragement to other missionaries here in need of worshiping in their heart language. 
We also spent the month of January:
  • preparing for the opening of the second year of the high school in Armenia Bonito
  • preparing for the arrival of our new team mate, Kevin Mitchell
  • preparing for the Feb short term mission team
Feb was a race from one day to the next!  All the preparations in January led to the implementing in February. The opening of the school was our biggest challenge. There is A LOT that goes into getting a school ready for 37 students. But, on Feb 2nd, twenty-four 8th graders and thirteen 7th graders arrived for their first day of the 2015 school year.  It was a precious sight!!!
February also welcomed our first team of 2015. We had a combined team of 10 from Trinity Pres and Manor Pres, both from PA.  They hosted medical clinics every day as well as some form of construction.  One highlight of the week was hosting a clinic in a brand new village. One of our national church plant pastors had specifically asked if we could hold clinic there. He told us that the people who lived there were in desperate need. He was right!  We LOVE how more and more our national partners are taking ownership and ministering to their people; even looking outside of their own villages and communities to the needs of others.  A second, yet equal, highlight was that our first ESL class with our high schoolers coincided with the team.  They got to be help us welcome and teach ESL to our 37 students! 
  • SEMINARY CLASSES ARE SET TO START!!!  We are the most excited about this event. Our team mate who will be leading the classes originally figured on starting the seminary when the construction of the facility was finished.  BUT, the LORD showed him that now is the time. On March 24th he will start basic classes with our current pastors and whoever else the Lord sends.  We will see where the LORD is going to lead.  Please be in PRAYER for Seth as he teaches the classes. Be in PRAYER for the men taking the classes. And PRAISE for the Gospel that will be going forth throughout the villages in La Ceiba. 
  • Our high school is in the beginning of it’s 2nd year. We have 37 students and 4 staff and we need resources. We are just barley able to meet the salary of teachers.  We have a list of supplies they need and little to no funding to purchase the supplies. Please PRAY that the LORD would provide...and not just financially.  PRAY that the LORD would send someone who could oversee the school. PRAY that the spiritual needs of the students would be met...not just the educational needs. And PRAISE that all ESL material needed was just donated by a Westminster PCA in Clinton, SC.  
  • The Peter Project is seeing the LORD work in mighty ways.  In the past month two boys have given their lives to the LORD. PRAY that the LORD would send us a national couple who could take ownership and run the street boy ministry. PRAISE that the hearts of these boys are turning to the LORD. 
Our personal support account is in need. With John’s new position our needs have increased. As well, we recently lost two large supporters. We know that our LORD is faithful. Will you please PRAY that he will bring new supporters to our team. If you know of anyone who you think would be interested in joining our support team, would you please forward this newsletter to them?  We would greatly appreciate your help in getting new supporters to join the ministry here in La Ceiba.
As always, we so greatly appreciate you!  You are a vital part of the Gospel being sent forth to the nations!
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