Langdon School February Newsletter

Each spring, the Langdon School community writes a document called the School Education Plan (SEP).   The goals align with those set out by Rocky View Schools.  These are the “What”: of our work.  We list strategies, the “How” and measures for each.  Here is an update on our school improvement efforts.  The admin team has reviewed the SEP strategies and have included some information for you so you know what is happening in the school.

Goal One: Learners are successful.
Our Literacy Initiative is really gaining momentum across the school.  In the fall, we gathered data on each student’s individual reading levels, strengths and areas of growth.  We used this data to group students for targeted instruction or to teach specific skills across a grade or subject.
We designated teachers in the school as part of the Literacy Lead Team.  They work closely to develop a plan for the school.  At the elementary levels, we have common times each day to work on skills.  Teachers, teaching assistants and learning support teachers work with small groups of students, teaching specific skills and reinforcing good practice. 
In the upper grades, a 25-minute block has been established for daily instruction in literacy development.  Teachers work on vocabulary skills and reading strategies in their classes. We continue to provide opportunities for students to read and write in the Learning Commons and through Reading Buddies.

Goal Two: Learners are engaged.
We promote real-world hands-on learning and partnerships to enrich learning.
Field trips are connected to the curricular outcomes from Alberta Education.  They are carefully planned to enhance what has been learned in the classrooms and extend the learning to a real-world space or place.  
Grade 1 Leighton Center
Students further developed creativity and appreciation of fine art through a walk, enjoying the seasonal landscape.
Grade 2 Telus Spark
Students continued to explore magnetism through hands-on activities.
Grade 3 Bell Music Center
Students tested instruments, experiment with sound, pitch, volume and appreciated different types of music.  They learned about the old fashioned movie organ and tried various instruments.
Grade 4 Glenbow
Students attended as part of the study of settlers and First Nations; fur trade and how it shaped Canadian identity.
Grade 9 Blackfoot Crossing
Students participated in a Smudging Ceremony, spoke to residential school survivors and learned how Treaty 7 connects us in Alberta. 
Options offer hands-on opportunities, such as food handling, measurement, preparation. 
Leadership/Rec Leadership – Pioneer Lodge camping to develop leadership skills in communication, cooperation, mentoring and teamwork.

Our Grade 9 students went to the west coast to learn how to sail!  What an experience! 

Goal Three: Learners are supported
As a school, we continue to develop wellness for students through the Mind Up and Conscious Discipline Programs.  
We started a Breakfast Program this year.  It really has been a tremendous success.  Students (and staff) enjoy grab and go breakfasts each morning.  They have the opportunity to check in with adults and start the day with a warm smile, a full belly, and ready to learn. 
We continue to work with students and parents of students for whom learning is different or difficult.  Our Learning Support teachers work with small groups and one on one to support learning.  Our CDA and Wellness Teacher support any social/emotional needs in the school.  They can be seen facilitating Friendship Groups, playing games to develop friendship skills, working in small groups on strategies for anxiety/anger management/advocacy. 
Our administration team is working with students on expected and unexpected behaviours across all grade levels.  They can often be seen in the hallways morning, noon and night, greeting and speaking with students, setting a positive tone for the day.  They each connect with different students to support them as they make their way through the day. 
Mr. Ellis has done an excellent job with the grade 3 classes, teaching them about fair play and how to play together.  We might take these skills for granted, but trouble on the playground led us to believe kids needed support.  With the help of some grade 6 leaders, the grade 3 students have learned to play and enjoy free time while keeping one another safe.  Mr. Ellis also helped the students recognize how to solve problems, determining the size of the problem and whether or not the solution could be completed independently or with a little help.
Mr. Legault and Mrs. Rahn have worked to make strong connections with kids and families as they sort through serious behavior concerns.  Things seem to be working as the number of office referrals has decreased by 36% over last year and suspensions have decreased by 22% over last year.

Additional options have been added for term 2 to meet the needs of students.  Mr. Legault teaches a fitness appreciation class, where students develop personal body awareness, sense of self and leadership skills. Mr. Ellis and Mr. Macnab have picked up “The Cave”, an option for students needing time to catch up on assignments with support from a teacher.
Your admin team!

Britt Nesgaard-Inglis


The AHS Provincial Mental Health Promotion & Illness Prevention Team has released a completely redesigned and updated Adolescent Depression Series resource. AHS has combined the individual topics found in the series into one convenient booklet now called, Teen Self-Management for Depression and Anxiety.

This new booklet provides evidence-based information and age-appropriate activities (youth ages 13-18) which service providers, parents or caregivers, and youth can use to help manage depression and anxiety as well as support positive mental health and resilience. Key themes in this booklet include: nutrition, physical activity, relaxation, substance use, social connection, and treatment. 

To view and download this resource, click here.

Problem Behavior: Why Does It Happen and What To Do About It
Date: February 21, 2019
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Place: Webinar
Have you wondered why someone uses problem behavior, even when they “know better”? What motivates someone to use problem behavior? In this workshop, participants will learn: a) the simple reasons why people use problem behavior, b) how to determine why someone you know uses problem behavior, and c) a variety of practical strategies to promote the use of more positive behavior. This workshop will be useful for family, as well as professionals. 
RegisterFor more information: email or call (403) 955-4747 

Let’s Talk Mindfulness
Date: February 26, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Place: East Lake School Chestermere
Using a hands-on approach this session will teach skills related to these concepts. This session will discuss how the brain influences thinking, emotions. This session will outline and discuss the main concepts in mindfulness and how understanding the brain can improve and behavior. Improved self-regulation can lead to a better focus in school, better cooperation with others and improved self-awareness and self-control.
Register - For more information: email or call (403) 955-4747

Through the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (RCSD) approach and in partnership with Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Catholic Schools has developed videos on common mental health topics. Each video includes awareness and strategies to support parents/caregivers, teachers and students. Here you will find information on a variety of topics concerning your child’s mental health.  

Topics: Website
Positive Parenting
Parents Matter: Getting involved in your child’s school experience

What if I Think My Teen is Experimenting with Drugs
Parents Matter: Getting involved in your child’s school experience 

A helpful resource for parents.
“What is Aha! Parenting? You know what an Aha Moment is, right? With our child, it’s that lightning flash of insight, when suddenly we see things from another perspective, and everything has the potential to be different. This website has Aha! moments for parents of every age child, from pregnancy right through the teen years.”

Wednesday, January 27
We would like to encourage students and staff to wear something pink on this day to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying in our school community! To assist in preventing bullying related issues among students, we are encouraging the entire school community to perform random ACTS OF KINDNESS. What is Pink Shirt Day? Please click here.


Langdon School Breakfast Program 


Good health and nutrition are needed to be successful in school. School breakfast programs provide opportunities for students and staff to eat healthy food and can help students focus on learning.

Please note that Langdon School has two staff members working with the breakfast club team who are certified in Food Handling Safety to ensure health and safety regulations are followed. We also cater to those with dietary restrictions. Baking items are made dairy and nut free.

To help support the Breakfast Program, we are looking for food donations of grab-and-go items, such as: fruit (frozen or fresh), cheese strings, instant oatmeal packages, Cheerios (plain or multigrain), Rice Krispy cereal, Corn Flakes, 100% fruit juice (juice boxes or larger containers), yogurt, granola bars, etc. We are also accepting baking items, such as whole wheat and white flour, oats, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, baking powder, baking soda, raisins, bananas, muffin tin paper cups etc. Items can be dropped off at the front office during school hours.

Thank you to everyone in our school community who is generously supporting this important initiative!

Candy Grams and  Pop Grams for Sale
Sales: February 7, 8, 11 and 12th
Lunch Time in the Dragons Lair

Cost is $2.00 and the money will go to future Langdon School events. Sales for grades 6 – 9 are on sale from 12:00 – 12:22 pm and grades 1 – 5 are for sale from 12:23 – 12:45 pm on those days. Kinders will be able to purchase through class. Pop will be delivered daily in Lit/Num and candy grams will be delivered on Feb 14th. 

February 27

All staff and students are being invited to wear pink in support of the
Be Kind, Choose Kindness campaign. 
Langdon School Council & Society

Thank you to everyone that joined us for our school council meeting on January 16, 2019. Our next one is Wednesday, March 13/19 at 3:15pm. See you then!

Learning Commons News February 2019
February is Fantastic!  Visit the Learning Commons for information and recreation!  Check following links for fab February fun: Black History MonthGroundhog DayValentine’s DayWinter Fun, and more. 
February 5th rings in Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig!   For more information on activities, visit
theCalgary Chinese Cultural Centre.  Learn about Asian Heritage on’s Celebrating Asian Heritage page.  This page also includes South Asian heritage and culture.
Make Family Day or any day, a Family Literacy Day! Whether it is reading, cooking, playing games or just talking while walking.  Go to  
ABC. Life Literacy Canada for links and daily ideas.
Traveling near or far?  Learn about your destination by visiting 
LearnAlberta’s Online Reference Centre Culturegrams.  To access this amazing resource, sign in first with login, LA53, and password, 4487.

Wanting to learn more about mental health awareness?  Visit LearnAlberta's Online Reference Centre Teen Health and Wellness resource.  This highly recommended site covers a wide variety of health concerns and topics important to teens. Videos, Dr. Jan's corner, Hotline information and more can be found here. Use the above sign in credentials to access LearnAlberta's databases.
Access eBooks via Follett’s Destiny Discover app (free to download). Visit the 
Learning Commons home page or go to Students login using their RVS school id for Google documents or Moodle. 

If your children have outgrown their Lego, K-Nex, Tinker toys, or Mechano, please consider donating them to the LC Creation Station.  Students love placing their creation on display in the Learning Commons.  Board games in good condition are also appreciated.

  LC Club loves books!  Keep up your super work and enjoy
fun time! Thank you!
Volunteers have energy and new ideas which are appreciated by staff and students! New books are getting out there because of you!  If you’re thinking about volunteering, come on by the LC. 

Mrs. Schoell
Learning Commons Facilitator

Melissa Loewen Memorial Award
Award Open to Every Grade 6 – 9 student at Langdon School
Apply online here:

$325.00 towards an activity which builds your leadership and creativity!

Melissa's Legacy...
Her Love of Children and Her Passion for Creativity and Life...
Discovering the Gifts and Abilities...
of the Students of Langdon School...
will Advance Their Passions and Dreams...

For more information please email
Application Deadline: Last Friday of April
Awards Assembly in June.

Here is what happened and is going to happen in the Elementary Art and Kinder Music classes for January and February:

  • Kindergartens in Music will be learning how to pat, stomp and clap the beat. They will also learn songs to help them with the difference between their different voices.
  • Grade one to five created all sorts of Fabric Art in January. Weaving on cardboard and on wooden looms, stitching on felt to make stuffies, book covers and pillows, and using crayon on sandpaper to make a classroom banner. In February all classes are moving onto Technographic Art where we use different technologies to create art. Light to create shadow puppets and iPads with special paintbrushes to paint/draw digitally.

I will be posting more pictures on the Langdon School Facebook Page so go check them out.

Ms. Lani Loewen

Band News!

Band 7 trip to Banff and Band 8 and 9 trip to Edmonton are coming up in March! Please make your final payment as soon as possible.

A huge congratulations to the Langdon Jr. A boys and girls basketball teams. The boys went undefeated in their season and took that momentum into the 3A championship tournament. In the championship tournament, the boys continued their winning ways winning their semifinal game in a convincing fashion and then won a hard-fought game to named the RVS 3A champions. The girls also qualified for the 3A championship tournament and won three extremely close games to also become the RVS 3A champions. Congratulations to all players, coaches and supportive fans!

Basketball season is still in full swing. The Gr. 6 boys and girls teams have been practicing hard for a couple of weeks now and will play their tournament on Friday, Feb. 8th, with the boys at East Lake and the girls at Chestermere Lake Middle School. 

Jr. B season for students in grade 7 & 8 is also starting soon.  Jr. B Boys Basketball, signup is from February 4 - 6.

Check the Langdon School athletics calendar for all up to date schedules. 

Go Dragons!

Are you about to toss that sour cream container?
Is your Tupperware drawer overflowing?


Wash them and send them with your child for Mrs. Ficaccio.

The grades 6-9 Foods Programs are always accepting containers for students to take their lab day creations home in.

Langdon School is a Nut AWARE School
Lost and Found Clothes Donation
Items will be bagged on the last school day of each month.
February will be a very busy month at Langdon School - here are events that will be occurring in the month of February. Please remember to view our online calendar here.
Tues. Feb 5 - Jump Rope for Heat Kick-Off Assembly 11:00 - 11:45 am
Wed. Feb 6 - Hot Lunch - Boston Pizza 
Wed. Feb 6 - Grade 4 - Sports Hall of Fame Field Trip
Thurs. Feb 7 - Grade 1 - Bow Habitat Station Field Trip
Feb 7, 8 11 & 12 - Candy Grams/Crush for a Crush Sale
Feb 11 - March 8 - Heart & Stroke Foundation Fundraiser - Jump Rope and Hoops
Fri. Feb 15 - No School - PL Day
Mon. Feb 18 - No School - Family Day
Tues. Feb 19 - Fri., Feb 22 - No School - Teacher's Convention
Tues. Feb 26 - Immunization Catch-up for Grades 1-8
Wed. Feb 27 - Grade 7, 8 & 9 Leadership Be Brave Hitmen Game
Wed. Feb 27 - Hot Lunch - Quiznos
Wed. Feb 27 - Pink Shirt Day
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