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April 2, 2020
Two new Review articles in one week! On Tuesday, we shared a crash course in virtual events and online community. Today we're back with a new read full of tactical tips for founders and execs tasked with leading large remote teams right now.

Struggling to Thrive as a Large Team Working Remotely? This NerdWallet Exec Has The Field Guide You Need

remote work field guide

With a few weeks of social distancing and WFH under their belts, many teams and companies now face a bigger challenge: Can large teams thrive while working remotely indefinitely?

To answer this question, we went straight to Maggie Leung. Over the past six years, she's built out the large content team charged with crafting the personal finance coverage that has helped NerdWallet stand out — and they’ve been fully remote from the very beginning.

"When it comes to remote work, there’s no huge secret, silver bullets or magic potion. To make our large remote team work, we do a lot of small things consistently and we know that every element matters. It’s like going to the gym every day — everyone knows it’s healthy, but not everyone does it consistently," she says.

Today on the Review, she opens up about all of those small things that make her 80-person team work well remotely. From how you can create space for conversation and fight fires with candor, to the importance of shining a spotlight on what good looks like, Leung shares the leadership strategies (and mistakes) that have been essential to her journey as a remote exec.

You have to anticipate and try to calibrate emotions as much as workload. FOMO, anxiety and isolation are all things managers must take into consideration if remote teams are going to perform sustainably over months or years.

She also dives into how you can troubleshoot the tough scenarios that will inevitably pop up, from helping the teams and individuals who are struggling with the shift to getting more out of your middle managers.

We hope her guide serves as a compass as your team continues on its own remote work journey — and that the trail ahead gets smoother with each passing day.

Thanks, as always, for reading and sharing! If there are any more specific topics you'd like to see us tackle in the weeks and months ahead, drop us a note by replying to this email.

— The Review editors

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