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Announcing First Round Essentials — Our First Book

To our readers:

While we're incredibly proud that our archive has expanded to over 400 articles in the last six years as we've built the Review, we recognize that this requires readers like you to wade through those hundreds of interviews filled with company building wisdom.

Even though you're subscribed to our newsletter to make sure you get every article delivered, maybe there was an insightful interview a few years back on 1:1s that you missed. Or perhaps you're looking to read everything we've ever published on launching a product, all in one sitting.

It's for this very reason that we're always experimenting with new ways to surface the very best insights on particular topics, whether it's putting together our must reads series or compiling our annual best 30 pieces of advice list or launching First Search. 

For the past few months, we’ve been quietly working on another project in that vein and today, we’re excited to share it more formally and introduce the First Round Essentials series, starting with our new book on management.

Over the years, we’ve published over 180 articles in our Management Magazine and we've winnowed that advice down to 10 of our very favorites, collecting them in our first-ever book, available as a PDF for download or a physical volume to add to your bookshelf.

Whether you’re transitioning from IC to manager for the first time, stepping into the manager-of-managers role or struggling as a founder to shift from building a product to building a company, management requires a distinct set of skills, wholly different from whatever it was you were excelling at before. This collection of articles will help you nail that transition.

Whether it sits on your desk or your desktop, we wanted to create an always handy, beautifully packaged volume of advice that highlights the habits, processes and actions the best managers have used to grow themselves as leaders. We hope they do the same for you.

— The Review team

Get the book >>

P.S. We’re looking to add more volumes to this First Round Essentials series. What other topics would you like to have in hard copy? What other formats would make your life easier? Let us know by replying to this email.

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