Ordinary Time is Full of Grace

Your January Newsletter
Our Mission:
to provide counseling which is faithful to the teachings, values, and traditions of the Catholic Church.

Our Primary Services:
Evaluation and Treatment for mental illness & addictions.
January and the simplicity of liturgical Ordinary Time find us Full of Grace as  Gratia Plena is growing, bearing witness to our Mission.   Dr. Ken is pleased to introduce two new members of the Gratia Plena team.  Both are parishioners with their families at churches in the West and Southwest parts of the Archdiocese.  They are an answer to Dr. Ken's prayers, and those of you who pray for Gratia Plena.
Mary Malicki is a certified spiritual director with fifteen years of experience receiving her training at the Cenacle Retreat House in the Spiritual Direction Institute of Houston, Texas.  She is a retired Catholic school teacher, married with four adult children.  She has a master’s degree in chemistry and worked in her early years as a research chemist.  Mary has a firm belief that each of us is called to a life of holiness, and holds the view that a spiritual director is a guide and companion for the journey.  Her services will be made available to all clients (past, present, and future).  A person is welcome to see Mary alone for spiritual direction, or may be involved in counseling with Dr. Ken and spiritual direction with Mary, or may transition from counseling into spiritual direction and vice versa.  Having a spiritual director on staff allows Gratia Plena to move closer to the idea of wellness and healing of the whole person.
Luisa Paredes joins Gratia Plena as the new Business Manager.  Luisa has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston/CL and has many years of experience in operating and growing small businesses.  She brings a strong marketing background and high energy that will surely be used in spreading the news of Gratia Plena’s beneficial services to our community.  As an added bonus, she is bilingual.  Luisa says: “I have a sincere belief in the mission of Gratia Plena:  helping clients lead a more peaceful and satisfying life through counseling and spiritual direction in a Catholic atmosphere.  I am living proof of the miracles that happen through this guidance and feel blessed to have been called to serve in this position!”

And now that we are a team, Gratia Plena will participate in the Archdiocesan program Steps For Students, an annual fundraiser for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese, held on Saturday, February 2, this year.  This 5K run or walk starts at the Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral in downtown Houston.  Check out the link here where you can sponsor the Gratia Plena team, or sign up to walk or jog with our team! 

New on our website is a place where you can check out all of the old Gratia Plena Monthly Newsletters.

This past week Mike Campbell at A-GoGo Media Solutions moved our website and email to a new server in order to increase speed and stability.  Thanks Mike for supporting us!

Finally, there is more change coming as Gratia Plena is moving its office across the street on March 1st to a new building to accommodate our expansion of staff.  Stay tuned for the details.

Mary's Book of the Month Recommendation:
Sleeping with Bread, Holding What Gives You Life is a book by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, and Matthew Linn. Easy to read and simply written this book can change the way you think about your day and yourself.  With engaging illustrations Sleeping with Bread explains the Jesuit prayer practice of “The Examen”.  To summarize, at the end of the day one prayerfully asks oneself, “For what moment today am I most grateful?” and then, “For what moment today am I least grateful?”.  This simple prayer practice allows us to see grace in action in our lives and lets us forgive ourselves when grace is lacking.  Even if you don’t get the book, try out “The Examen”.   

 In next month’s newsletter, watch for our “Movie of the Month” recommendation.
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