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Artist Newsletter, Issue 5 

February 2013 
Sneak peek...

February has been a busy month of comings and goings, but I have now returned to Sheffield with a fresh supply of creative energy! I think big things are afoot for 2013...and it all has to start somewhere.

So far I can only offer you a few sketches of what is to come...I hope you are intrigued. »
Robyn LeRoy-Evans 'Red Dresser' drawing
So you want to be an artist?

This month I was asked to document the annual Professional Art Practice Conference at Sheffield Hallam University. Following the week long series of lectures, seminars and activities, it is hoped that students in their final year of study will have gained a better understanding of what it means to be a professional artist. A variety of guest speakers shared their wealth of knowledge and experience, including Turner Prize Nominee George Shaw, Liverpool-based artist Emily Speed and many others...
Robyn LeRoy-Evans SHU PAP Conference - George Shaw quote
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Robyn LeRoy-Evans 'Post Strip' drawing
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