#ADRAID (audio drama raid) is an effort to increase the visibility of independent audio dramas by bolstering shows by the numbers. How? By hosting coordinated “raids” to rate and review shows honestly and fairly.

How it works: At 7pm CST every Tuesday, Packhowl Media will promote a show on social media using the hashtag #ADRAID. This will include a link to the show(s) on a platform of the creator’s choosing. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Mastadon and Tumblr, or learn more at


Support indie audio dramas by the numbers. Raid & review.
Simple as that.

The Pantaloon Society

How to raid: 

  1. Listen to the featured show. Short on time? Follow and review later!
  2. Leave your fair and honest review.
  3. Give the creator a follow and a shout on social media using #ADRAID wherever you are.
A disclaimer about content warnings: We do not listen to shows in their entirety prior to ADRAID, and rely on the information provided to us by the showrunners to communicate about their shows. If you have concerns about a particular show, please refer to the show notes and other creator materials for additional information, or reach out to them directly. 

Did you miss a raid? Previous raids can be found here.

Horror, mystery, or psychological thriller

A supernatural audio-novella about an ancient and clandestine society of clowns with unusual abilities, and the eldritch threats they are called to investigate.

Show Website
Listen to, rate, and review

Twitter: @pantaloonsoc


Content warnings

Abuse (child, physical, mental, emotional, verbal, sexual)
Excessive gore/blood
Death or dying
Animal cruelty or death
Suicide or self harm
Homophobia or transphobia
Mental Illness
Drug/alcohol use
See show notes for individual episode content warnings
Also clowns, always clowns
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