I am writing to you about an opportunity to sponsor Ready Steady Mums
Sponsorship Opportunity


Ready Steady Mums has launched a free service, personally engaging new mums through exercise. The concept has been proven, and we are looking for a sponsor over the next 6-12 months as we grow.

We want all mums to feel good, be healthy, and have fun - by actively embracing motherhood. We believe it is possible to overcome barriers to exercise like lack of credible guidance, childcare, money, self-confidence and physical pain. 
What we do for mums
We help mums get fit with two new innovative, and totally free, services. 
1. The Virtual Personal Trainer – on-line, tailored guidance on safe exercises for new mums
2.  Local Ready Steady Mums – volunteer-led groups meeting weekly to exercise together
Our support is carefully designed to meet the practical and medical needs of new mums. It has been refined and developed over three years by medical and fitness professionals working with new mums. 
We help mums around the world get fit, precisely on their terms, through our on-line support. Virtual personal training delivered through our website is enhanced by content on our blog, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
Mums around the UK also get fit together through Local RSM. Our volunteers are strong social influencers, and Sport England supports our work in communities. 
Sponsoring Ready Steady Mums
We already reach 4,000 on-line each month and have over 150 regular attendees at Local RSM groups in the UK. We expect to grow quickly and pass the 100,000 users mark during 2013. We are looking for a sponsor to work with us during this growth phase. You will benefit from direct marketing to this specific and engaged audience, and association with our highly credible brand in pre-postnatal health and exercise. 
We would ask our sponsor for £1500 a month for 6 months, plus other in-kind support to be agreed.
Potential Value of Sponsorship
Our sponsor will capture business value through an association with our services and the various marketing opportunities we can provide - on-line and through our volunteers. 
RSM's on-line promotion of our sponsor could include, for example:
  • 2 newsletter mentions per month (content/offer-related)
  • 2 blog mentions per month or one full article per 2 months
  • "Sponsored by..." on our Facebook page and Twitter profile
  • A tasteful banner on our site and blog
To capture other value, the sponsor could:
  • Provide "free samples" for volunteers to hand out
  • Provide volunteers with branded kit to wear
  • Post videos on YouTube to be promoted on our other platforms
  • Create joint campaigns with RSM on pre and postnatal exercise
I am Katy Tuncer, the founder of Ready Steady Mums and mum of two baby sons. I would be delighted to speak with you about the potential value sponsoring Ready Steady Mums could create for your organisation. 
Please email or call me on 07984645029 to arrange a discussion.

I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards,
Katy Tuncer