New Year Circuit Training Session for Mums and Dads on YouTube
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Circuit Training - Mums & Dads
(at home entertaining the babies)

Hi <<First Name>> 

Do you answer yes to any of the following?

1. I resolve to get fitter in 2013
2. I like the idea of exercising with my spouse/partner
3. I feel a bit ropey after over-indulging this Xmas and New Year
4. I need to use my exercising time efficiently

Yes? Then I suggest that right now, you can squeeze in 10 minutes of circuit training in your own home.

I designed this quick, efficient, effective circuit training session to do with my husband, and I thought you might like to try it so we filmed it a couple of days ago.
It's 10 minutes long, works your whole body including your cardiovascular system and makes you feel brill. We do the circuit 3 times through once or twice a week and our babies watch us!
You need a small space with a carpet (or exercise mat) to exercise in, some water to hand, and comfy clothing. Make sure you get warmed up before you start. 
This 10 minute workout is appropriate for any new mum exercising at Level 3 or 4 with Ready Steady Mums; and for any dad with a basic level of fitness. Get detailed information about the exercises in this video, plus guidance on a suitable warm-up, from your free Ready Steady Mums Virtual Personal Trainer
Katy x 

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