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SEPTEMBER 2021  |  Newsletter
Message from the Director
Another snapshot from a busy couple of months at CatholicCare NT. A lot of good work happens across the regions and our newsletter provides a small insight into some of the work that we do. This includes things like how we respond to a lockdown and some of our everyday work out at Finke. 
This month, we profile our intake position. Because we have so many different services, this is often the entry point for people accessing CCNT. It is good to know that you can just contact one central point and be supported to find the right service, and if there is something we don’t provide, we can link you into another organisation that can.

The NO MORE Campaign has a focus on using sport to influence and change people’s attitudes towards violence. In this newsletter, we profile some of the work they do with different sporting codes including basketball, netball and Australian Rules Football.

We have also included a message from our Bishop around the importance of COVID vaccinations; it is really important that we all do our part in stopping the spread of COVID and it seems that the best option we have is to get vaccinated.
Jayne Lloyd
Katherine COVID-19 Lockdown
Recently, CatholicCare NT’s FWC (Financial Wellbeing and Capability) team in Katherine sprang into action with the community’s first ever snap COVID lockdown. Day one saw the whole office implement our Katherine COVID plan swiftly. We noticed only a slight increase in demand for emergency relief that afternoon with some families stranded in Katherine on their way to surrounding and locked out communities. This demand increased to unprecedented numbers for our services on day two and continued to grow throughout the lockdown period.

The main focus was keeping people safe and helping individuals and families with vouchers for food and temporary accommodation. The team promptly adjusted operations and set up a desk at the front gate, handing out PPE to those waiting and providing, from a safe distance, emergency relief in the way of food vouchers, food hampers and power credit. We responded to call outs for help from Territory Families and Territory Housing and other agencies, and dropped food hampers to the homes of the elderly and vulnerable. Later on the second day, we travelled to Binjari community to provide masks, baby supplies, food provisions and power cards to five families. 

Over four days of lockdown, the Katherine FWC team liaised with local providers and responded to the needs of community members by dispensing over 300 allocations of Emergency Relief. 
Francis, our FWC worker, is pictured above with Bronwyn and her three kids. Bronwyn reported feeling grateful for our support. Her family got stuck in Katherine on their way from Tennant Creek to Darwin for a funeral. Bronwyn said our workers made it easy for her family to stay in Katherine and feel safe. She said the food vouchers and accommodation helped her kids because at first they had nowhere to go and she didn’t know what to do when the bus stopped.
Here’s Matt (left), another one of our Financial Wellbeing and Capability Case Managers, helping local community members from our temporary office set up. The team set up a non-contact, friendly service-delivery system for the community.

The Participants Matt is working with accessed much needed food vouchers to accommodate for extra family members staying at their house. 
And here’s a photo below of four of the five legendary FWC team members at the end of lockdown! 
A big thanks goes out to all of the Katherine team this week but especially our FWC team - Lee, Mel, Sam, Matt and Francis (missing from photo). Your hard work and dedication to supporting on all levels - your participants, surrounding agencies and Government Departments - is commendable. What a team!
Workforce Development Strategy 2021 - 2024
The Workforce Development Strategy 2021 – 2024 booklet has been printed and is ready for distribution across our sites. Thank you to the Workforce Development Strategy Committee for your collaborated efforts, guidance and support in preparing the booklet, ensuring that our workforce reflects our values and shares our commitment to our mission and vision, and for taking into account our diverse workforce and communities.
The objective of our strategy is to create a capable and confident working environment where individuals can focus on growing their individual abilities and have the opportunity to develop the skills they require to drive our organisation’s business. 
The Themes have been developed in conjunction with the Strategic Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan whilst ensuring employees have the workforce knowledge and skills to meet our organisational goals:
Theme 1 - Attraction and Retention
Theme 2 - Career Development to build Skills Capacity
Theme 3 - Targets for Aboriginal Employment
In accordance with the three Themes, CatholicCare NT will promote flexible working arrangements in attracting employees to encourage employee work/life balance and address COVID-19 challenges as they arise.
Employees will be given the opportunity to conduct their own self-assessment to evaluate their own professional goals, interests, knowledge, skills and develop their own growth plan.
A message from our Director Jayne Lloyd states ‘the strategy establishes a framework to guide our staff to existing and new initiatives, actions and goals that will lead to a workforce that is flexible and inclusive with a focus on retention, mentoring, leadership and career development. 
I sincerely encourage all staff to take the opportunity to consider how you can enhance your skills and develop as a worker.’
The Workforce Development Strategy 2021 – 2024 can be viewed on the CatholicCare NT website under Publications and Reports
NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement Launch
On August 9, the Attorney-General Hon. Selena Uibo launched the NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement (NTAJA) at the Botanic Gardens in Darwin. In 2016, the Government committed to developing the NT Aboriginal Justice Agreement and agreed to work in partnership with Aboriginal Territorians to deliver the key outcomes of the agreement.  

To assist in guiding the development of the NTAJA, an Aboriginal Justice Agreement Reference Committee was established, comprising of 16 representatives from the peak bodies and community organisations in the NT. CatholicCare NT is a representative on the committee.  

Together, we can improve justice services so that Aboriginal people who have contact with the justice system – as victims, offenders, witnesses, or professionals – are treated fairly, respectfully and without discrimination.  

Over the past four years, the Aboriginal Justice Unit from the Department of the Attorney-General and Justice visited over 80 Aboriginal communities and organisations, and undertook over 150 consultations seeking views on justice issues facing Aboriginal Territorians, and how these issues should be addressed. 

Over the next seven years of the agreement, the aims are: 
  • to reduce reoffending and imprisonment rates of Aboriginal Territorians 
  • to engage and support Aboriginal leadership  
  • and to improve justice responses and services to Aboriginal Territorians.
The Pathway to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement report stated that as of 30 June 2018, 84% of the adult prison population in the NT was Aboriginal. This is despite Aboriginal adults making up only 25.9% of the population of NT adults. 

96% of the youth detention population was Aboriginal, despite Aboriginal young people making up only 45% of those aged 10-17 years in the NT.   

In the Northern Territory it costs $317.73 per day to incarcerate an adult prisoner and $2,038.05 per day to incarcerate a youth detainee. 
The cost of community supervision in the Northern Territory is less expensive and is estimated to be $50.52 per day for each adult offender and $526 per day for each young offender. 

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) men are imprisoned at 15 times the rate of the non-Aboriginal male population. 

ATSI women are imprisoned at 14 times the rate of the non-Aboriginal female population. 

The rate of Aboriginal youths under supervision is up to 24 times higher than the rate of the non-Aboriginal youth population.  

Two alternatives to custody models are being established to reduce the incarceration rates of Aboriginal Territorians. One is currently operating in Alice Springs for women and the other is in consultation stages with a remote Aboriginal community in the Top End. 

Review and reforms of relevant legislation such as the Bail, Parole & Sentencing Acts will be reviewed, plus a model for Community Courts where Law and Justice Groups are established will be reintroduced. Community-based sentencing options will be increased, especially for offenders in remote communities.     
NAAJA Principal Legal Officer David Woodroffe, who is co-chair of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement and has worked as a lawyer in the Territory for 21 years said: 

“One of the most important features of the NTAJA is the recognition that in order to address the issues that have led to the terrible state we are in in the NT in terms of over-incarceration of Aboriginal people, the disenfranchisement of Aboriginal people from the justice system and the barriers to access to justice, the only solution is for government to work with Aboriginal people. That is the most important thing - that partnership with Aboriginal communities and organisations to fix the problems.”  

The Agreement has been developed, underpinned by research, evidence and the views and experience of Aboriginal people. I am proud that CatholicCare NT has been and continues to be a stakeholder in Pathways to the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement.   

Phil Brown
CatholicCare NT
General Manager Workforce and Partnerships
Bishop Charles Receives Second Jab
Last month, Bishop Charles happily received his second COVID-19 immunisation jab. The picture below was posted on the Catholic Diocese of Darwin Facebook page and was accompanied by this reflection: 

I posted myself receiving the second jab of  immunisation for COVID-19. I received a version that was available to me at the time.   

I know that there is much discussion about immunisation, and I’ve seen many claims made by various people about its effectivity.   

I have good friends who I trust and who are good Catholic people in the medical profession who have left no reasonable doubt in my mind that immunisation against COVID-19 is a good and desirable thing to do in our time.   

My own great-grandfather died with the Spanish flu and left my grandmother an orphan. Relatives of mine have died of polio and good friends of mine still suffer from polio.    

I have seen the benefits of good, sensible immunisation. I’ve been assured by good medical friends that immunisation is a very good thing to do in our present reality and how some of the most vulnerable will suffer (and not them alone) if enough people do not get immunised.   

Hence, I believe it's an act of love for self and others to be immunised and I feel compelled to recommend it within that spirit.   

God Bless. +  
Bishop Charles receiving his second jab for immunisation against COVID-19
CatholicCare NT - Intake Worker
Our CatholicCare NT Intake Worker is here to support efficient, responsive and integrated access for participants to all CatholicCare NT programs and services. The Intake Worker is responsible for the triage, tracking and allocation of referrals to CatholicCare NT Darwin region, including supporting referrals in other sites across the NT.  

If participants are requesting information on CatholicCare NT support services or they would like to be referred to one of our support programs, they can contact our Intake Worker who will collect information through a brief intake assessment. This assures 
participants are being linked in to the correct programs to supports their needs, either through CatholicCare NT or other appropriate service providers.  

Our Intake Worker can provide immediate risk assessments, safety plans and brief social, emotional and wellbeing interventions for participants waiting for their appointments.   

For further information, our Intake Worker can be contacted via our Berrimah office on 8944 2000, or by sending an email to  
Finke Office - Community Development Program
Top: Happy and artistic job seekers in Aputula Community, Finke, from L-R: Colin Doolan, Clifford Stuart, Kevin James. Above right: Completion of Finke Veggie Garden Restoration with CDP jobseeker Noah Authur Ferguson and CDP Mentor Bibek. 
The challenge is for all Australians to stand up and say NO MORE to domestic and family violence.  We need everyone to get involved.  That's why we link arms to show a united stand against domestic and family violence and that together, we can make a difference.       Charlie King AM, NO MORE Founder
Gunbalanya AFL - NO MORE Round 
Sunday, 19 September, Gunbalanya AFL held an unofficial NO MORE Round to celebrate safe families and to encourage men to think about the effects domestic family violence has on families within the Northern Territory. Through a combination of engaging with the community throughout the week, NO MORE signs being placed around the oval, and supporting the day to be a success, the message was taken in by the community, setting a solid platform for further meaningful
engagement in the space.
NO MORE thanks James Quinn from AFLNT, and the Gunbalanya Community for inviting us to be part of this event. We also acknowledge it has been a difficult year for the residents of Gunbalanya; our hearts and thoughts go out to all community members who have been impacted throughout 2021.

Fred Nortje
Above: Banyan Hawks vs Injalak Dockers
Above: Arrguluk Magpies vs Middle Camp Lions
Kalano Night Patrol Team - NO MORE session
Above: NO MORE Team Leader Mr Ian Falk with members of the Kalano Night Patrol Team
After weeks of working in partnership with Melissa Black, Kalano Community’s Transport & Administration Services Manager, to come and deliver NO MORE sessions with their male and female Night Patrol workers, a date was set for Wednesday afternoon, 22nd September, for her male workers. 

Marcus Rosas, Katherine’s NO MORE Worker, was accompanied by the Katherine office’s new Team Leader, Ian Falk, who came to familiarise himself with the 
presentation and to give advice in response to questions that came from the group.

The session went for 1 ½ hrs where there was good communication throughout the group.

In closing, the men appreciated our NO MORE talk and look forward to more sessions over the coming months.

Marcus Rosas
Wadeye Magic vs Darwin Buffaloes exhibition AFL match
Above: Adrian Lantjin participating in the celebrations leading up to the exhibition match between the Darwin Buffaloes and Wadeye Magic
On Saturday, 11 September 2021, NO MORE Strong Men program worker Adrian Lantjin participated in the ceremony welcoming the Darwin Buffaloes to Wadeye to participate in an exhibition match against the Wadeye Magic, at the Wadeye main football oval. Adrian helped to showcase the culture through dance in the opening Welcome to Country ceremony. He was also given the opportunity to speak to the players about the NO MORE program and the important contribution sport has in creating healthy and safe families and communities. 

NO MORE emphasises the role of sport in creating safer communities. When harnessed to its full potential, sport is an environment that creates opportunity for connection
and purpose within many communities throughout Australia. Sporting environments that encourage participation and respect, and show those qualities in all aspects of engagement, including during competition, lend to being very positive environments, in which people care and support one another to be safe and healthy, and are encouraged to reach out when in need.

The match itself was played in excellent spirits with several of the Wadeye Magic players being approached post game and invited to play for the Darwin Buffaloes in the NTFL season.

Fred Nortje
Katherine Supports NAIDOC Week
NAIDOC celebrated their week long event in Katherine commencing with the Opening on Friday 24th September and ending with the Flag-lowering Presentation on Sunday 3rd October. 

CatholicCare NT was supportive of the nine day occasion, being present at and participating in a number of events. Staff attended the:
  • NAIDOC Opening
  • NAIDOC March
  • NAIDOC Community Awards Presentation
  • NAIDOC Golf Day
  • NAIDOC Kalano Community Expo
  • NAIDOC-CatholicCare NT breakfast
  • NAIDOC Sports Day 
Above: Marcus Rosas - NO MORE Program worker (Katherine) - Saying NO MORE to Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence @ NAIDOC Kalano Community Family Day Expo
Above: Marcus (NMP) with Local Member for Katherine, Mrs Jo Hersey
Above: CCNT staff with Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service, Salvation Army and Orman House Staff at the NAIDOC-CCNT Breakfast
Above: FWC worker Francis Storey, daughter and Ian Falk Lead Practitioner IFPS, Counselling & NO MORE, attending the NAIDOC Kalano Community Family Day Expo
NO MORE 3X3 Challenge
On September 16th, 30 youngsters took part in a 3x3 basketball competition in front of Parliament House Darwin. The NO MORE 3x3 Challenge was played in good spirit with no winners, just participants.

The Speaker of the House, Ngaree Ah Kit, lent her support to the event and gave approval for the venue. Charlie King and DeOla Brown presented to all the players about playing in the spirit of the game and standing up in support of NO MORE violence.   
Spirit of the Game Award
Tracy Village Falcons centre, Georgia Luhrs, won the Darwin Netball Association’s Spirit of the Game Award for season 2021. Charlie King presented her with the trophy and a cheque on the 4th of September at the Association awards night.

The award, initiated and sponsored by NO MORE, recognizes a player who respects the game, their opponents, their team mates and the officials. Georgia was a worthy winner of the award and her team went on to win the Grand Final. Georgia was also named as the centre for Team of the Year. 

Congratulations Georgia for a wonderful season.
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