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 "Climate change does not respect borders; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, it is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity."
~ Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations

 Carbon Literacy in Amsterdam

The first 'Act on Your Carbon Impact' Carbon Literacy training took place this month in the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Hosted by De Gezonde Stad ('The Healthy City' in English), participants from local government, retail and hospitality sectors were provided with climate change knowledge and practical advice on how to reduce carbon emissions, both in their personal lives and in the workplace. 

To find out more or to sign up to the next CL training in Amsterdam, click here.

 Carbon Literacy: Knowledge E-Learning

Did you know that you can undertake a mini-module in Carbon Literacy?

Though you won't be fully Carbon Literate, you will have completed the 'knowledge' section of the CL standard, and come out with a CL Knowledge certificate! To become certified as Carbon Literate, all you then need to do is attend a face-to-face CL training workshop, which covers the remaining sections of the CL standard.

You can find out more about e-learning and sign-up here.

To read about the effectiveness of the e-learning, click here.

 Carbon Literacy at Blue Dot Festival

Earlier this month, Manchester Metropolitan University's Science and Engineering Department showcased sustainability-based engagement activities at Blue Dot Festival. Held at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, the activities on display form part of MMU's very successful cascade of Carbon Literacy training.

Eight of the demonstrators involved were Carbon Literate, including four certified Carbon Literacy Trainers, so the public were in great hands!
You can watch a video of Callum talking about his experience at the festival here.
 Carbon Literacy Inspired Art

What happens when Carbon Literacy meets the world of art and design? We found out when Ella Boston created the ReminiScent project for her final year graduate show. Inspired by her time volunteering with the Carbon Literacy Project and the need to tell the story of climate change, Ella created a social intervention in which people could have a first-hand experience of what it would feel like to lose their favourite foods to climate change.

Find out more here.

 Carbon Reduction Targets: Our View

Manchester Climate Change Agency’s AGM took place last month, where city progress was once again reviewed and the carbon reduction targets for Manchester and the UK were mapped out.

Newly available city-focused low carbon targets (SCATTER Report) now show that to play its part in avoiding catastrophic climate change, Manchester must reduce carbon emissions by 13%, and the UK by 15%, year-on-year from 2018 until 2038.

In Greater Manchester, Carbon Literacy is an integral part of the carbon emissions reduction strategy. It is now universally recognised that wide-spread engagement on climate change, showing how greenhouse gas reduction can lead to a better future, is required to meet our city-region reduction targets.

Read more here.


The Carbon Literacy Project is a unique project, working with everyone who lives, works or studies, to offer a day's worth of training to the Carbon Literacy Standard. Once Carbon Literate, we have an instinctive understanding of the carbon impacts of our activities, are able to make informed choices, and, driven by the urgency, act positively to address climate change.

Upcoming Events

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations Cardiff
23/08/2018 9.15am- 4.00pm Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations Cardiff
06/09/2018 9.15am- 4.00pm Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations Manchester
17/09/2018 9:30am- 5:00pm Great Places Housing HQ, Manchester, Lancashire

My Planet and Me - Open Carbon Literacy Accredited Course
25/09/2018 9.15am- 4.30pm Stockport Homes HQ, Stockport, Greater Manchester


Green Great Britain Week

On the 19th October, during Green GB Week, we're calling on all individuals and organisations to host Carbon Literacy training - with the aim of training the most people in CL in 1 day, ever! 
Read more here.

As a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, businesses and individuals can now donate to The Carbon Literacy Trust via the 1% for the Planet scheme, have their donations toward their 1% pledge evidenced, and support our work in promoting climate change action. 

 Click here to read more.
Recycle your broken and unwanted electrical equipment, free of charge with ICT Reverse. ICT Reverse picks up and packages your unwanted or damaged computers, free of charge.  IT and telecom equipment donated to ICT Reverse via The Carbon Literacy Project generates funds directly for The Carbon Literacy Trust (Registered Charity Number 1156722).

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